Private Mentorship

1 Month Strategy Intensive

Intimate, powerful business strategy to fulfill your most radiant vision for your life and business.

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Together we will create your unique vibrant business with strategy, vision and practical steps.

Drawing on my own experience launching multiple successful businesses for myself and my clients, I’ll help you generate real results, build on your wins, and create the momentum you need to go after your biggest dreams. 

As a business strategist, I work with the world’s most coveted brands and entrepreneurs.

Some are world-renowned experts in their field. Some are bestselling authors and speakers who serve a global audience. Others are highly successful within their niche communities. 

All of my clients share one thing in common: they are committed to a bold vision. They want to transform lives and communities, to serve generously — and to create wealth and prosperity in the process.


I am a business strategist and branding photographer with the most coveted brands in the world.

I'm here to help you build your dream and create life-changing wins

  • Consistent client breakthroughs: new launches, sold out courses, $45K launches, $20K weeks,  and more
  • I built a successful photography and creative agency from $0 to $5K+ packages with top brands in LESS THAN 1 YEAR
  • I created & sold out 25 online courses during COVID

I help clients creatively express their authentic selves and design a profitable business. 

We will go beyond typical marketing strategy, utilizing my extensive experience with coaching, healing, art therapy, mindset, and personal growth work.

1 Month Strategy Intensive




The power of personalized guidance is massive in creating big results in your business. That’s why I’ve opened up a limited number of private mentor sessions by invitation only.

I feel blessed to have created a business that allows me to travel the world and live out my passions, and cannot wait to pass on what I’ve learned to a select few women who I know have unlimited potential.

Working one-on-one, you’ll be mentored to evolve as the best version of yourself, execute your biggest dreams, and enter a realm where anything is possible.

What you get:

  • Weekly 40 minute Coaching Sessions including strategy and materials review (photos, posts, sales pages)
  • We will co-create detailed, customized strategy steps and to do list with next steps to propel your business forward
  • Strategies for marketing, partnerships, sales, + branding to grow your business.
  • Messenger Check ins and encouragement!
  • Access to Melisine's Marketing Guides

The investment for 1 Month Uplevel Business Strategy Mentorship is $2000.

Consider the lifetime value of learning Melisine's expertise, developed over years of building countless sold out courses, high end partnerships and client relationships, and creating marketing strategies and photoshoots with some of the biggest brands in the world.

You will get all of Melisine's expertise laser focused on you and your vision.

More Details about Melisine's Approach

Business growth is propelled by personal growth.

To grow your business, you must nourish and grow yourself.

We will work through any resistance, self-doubt, money mindset or fear. 

Through clarifying conversations and my extensive background in personal development work, we tap into the power of soul vision, backed by clear strategy and inspired action.

Fast track to building business you love.  

Most experts tell you that you need to have everything in place before you can launch.

 I’ll let you in on something: the most innovative companies don’t believe in that (and neither do I). 

What I do believe in is starting small, testing and refining offers as you go along. Your offer doesn’t have to be fancy and it doesn’t have to be perfect— it just has to do the thing it needs to do for the people who need it.

Test, then invest.

That’s what I do and what I teach. I give you the push and strategy you need to connect with the right audience and to launch your offers. (My clients compare it to learning to build a plane while you’re flying it.)

You'll learn to think like a designer.

  • What’s the core of your offer?

  • What’s the minimum you need to create in order for someone to pay you for your offer?

  • How can you repackage your expertise and assets to create more courses, workshops, and products?

  • How can you connect with more buyers and build your brand so you can continue to sell with ease?

You’ll discover how to get clear on your goals, find the most direct path to make them happen, and identify what steps are most likely to get you there. You’ll learn how to test your ideas, breaking them down to see what works. 


“Melisine does a terrific job of helping us SEE ourselves and our work.”
— Amy Lynch

My clients call our work together, “Life-changing.”

This approach works.

This approach works: my students report things suddenly clicking where before they haven’t. Instead of following someone else’s formula, they’re working in a way that aligns with their own strengths and personality. They gain the confidence they need to launch things they never dreamed of before, like websites, books, courses, products, and group programs.

Client Policies

Timing, payments, cancellation policy and scheduling.

  • As with everything I offer, your purchase of a mentoring program or intensive is non-refundable. If you’re wondering whether this is the right program for you, please take some time to familiarize yourself with my work before you make the investment.

  • All Mentoring sessions take place over Zoom. You have the option to record onto your computer.

Thank you!
I look forward to connecting with you.