A Unique and Comprehensive Session


FOUR Powerful Modalities Combined
For a Deeper understanding

Astrology, Astrocartography, Human Design, and 9StarKi


Your Best Places on Earth


Your Strengths + Opportunities

 Human Design

Your Blueprint + Energy Flow

Chinese Astrology

9StarKi Yearly Cycles

How can I better understand my relationships?
What places on earth are most beneficial for both me and my loved ones?
How and where can we both feel best and achieve our soul purpose?

How can we use our strengths to create our dreams together?
Where will our work and efforts be most supported and valued?
Where can we find soulmate friends, clients, and partnerships?

Deepen your understanding of any relationship

Meet Melisine

Melisine is a rare combination of
astrologer, coach,
professional photographer, and business strategist
who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.
Melisine has the majority of her astrology planets in the house of partnerships.

Partnerships and relationships are key to her work and success.

As trusted by

Every Relationship is a journey.

Learn how to navigate and grow,
  through detours, roadblocks, and difficulties.

Make your journey together vibrant!

Client Love

It's so fun!

- Paula Diaco, Writing Coach

A game changer!

- Fidel Forde, Speaker + Coach

Absolutely amazing!

- Sarah O'Neill, Entrepreneur


Learn how to connect through transitions and growth!

"If you want your relationships to be as harmonious and enriching as possible, Melisine’s sessions are life-changing.

Melisine analyzed my family including my spouse and children.

Melisine’s sessions are powerful because she helps you see the energy and unseen dynamics of your life and your relationships.

It feels like a map to find treasures in your relationships, like you are given keys to connect with people in your life.

You will gain a broader perspective -- beyond your own view.

You will understand why things are happening, see forces at play in each person's life path, so you don't take it personally. Learning how to connect and have compassion as we move through transitions and growth can make a huge difference."

- Suki Burns
Master Healer

The only offering that
combines modalities for a thorough, holistic understanding

"Melisine’s relationship sessions & strategy sessions are a must for anyone wanting to understand the energetics of their relationship. It gave me confirmation of the things I suspected about my connection, and also helped me see the different ways that my partner and I show up in relationship, and taught me how to navigate these differences to really help our relationship thrive.

This is the only offering I have come across that combines various modalities to give a more thorough, holistic, picture. Highly recommend."

Hiwa Alaghebandian
Entrepreneur + Podcast Host

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Your session includes an interactive conversation and guidance with Melisine, 
as well as Melisine's intensive preparation before --
minimum two hours of preparation BEFORE
to analyze your Astrological charts and maps,
and strategize how to support your goals and life purpose.

How the session works:

  • Your session time will be used efficiently, full of high quality guidance and actionable insights.
  • Melisine does a minimum two hours of preparation BEFORE we meet to analyze your Astrological charts and maps, and strategize how to support and empower both people's goals and life purpose.
  • You get a minimum 10 image customized album with your maps and charts. Your maps and charts will be useful for your entire life -- they do not change  because they are based on your unique birthtime and place.
  • Sessions are done via videochat on Zoom.
  • Most clients record the sessions so they can rewatch and study. 
  • Please note: Melisine works with Western Astrology & Astrocartography and 9StarKi yearly cycles,  not Vedic Astrology. 
  • Please note: We will review Human Design basics which can include: profile, type, authority, defined versus undefined centers, bonding strategies. We will not discuss details of channels and gates. The goal is to keep it simple so you can see the big picture of your soul journey and create an actionable strategy to proceed. 

Frequently asked questions

Why do you combine multiple modalities in one session?

Partnerships and relationships are central to my life and work. In my personal astrology, most of my planets are in the area of partnerships.

Therefore, I have spent extensive time and energy studying how to create vibrant partnerships and relationships, with top relationship therapists, coaches, and healers.

One modality alone does not provide a complete picture; multiple modalities provide a more useful, complete picture to see a relationship from many angles including unseen energetics, dynamics, and individual Astrological timelines.

My intention is to help you have the best possible relationships and so therefore I weave four modalities together: Astrology, Astrocartography, Human Design, and Chinese Astrology Yearly Cycles.

After reviewing your goals and questions, I examine each person's individual charts, and Astrological timelines and Astrological life stages -- looking at what each person is being called to do this year and in the years ahead,  each person's life purpose, each person's energy flow and decision making, and how each person responds to stress.

Then I create "connection charts" -- combining two charts into one picture, to see the energy, unseen power dynamics, and the soul purpose of the connection. I study more deeply how your individual Astrological timing connects to each other, and how you can support each other through transitions and growth.

This is the most comprehensive, multi-disciplinary analysis I have encountered.
I spend hours before we meet so that during our meeting, you will see a well-organized master analysis of your connection, clearly communicated in a way you can digest, understand, and integrate into your lives.

Using this kind of analysis has been life-changing for my own relationships and for my clients' relationships with their spouses, family, co-workers, and beyond.

What is included in the session?

Melisine will do a full analysis of your Astrocartography maps, Astrology charts, and Human Design basics from a western astrology perspective, as well as Chinese Astrology Nine Star Ki yearly cycles.  

The session includes a 1 hour and 30 minute Zoom videochat. 

Your experience will begin with a questionnaire to share what you are seeking at this time in your life. 

In the session, we begin with a brief conversation to further clarify your dreams and intentions. 

Melisine will share her analysis of your Astrocartography maps (reviewing two mapping systems: Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space), Astrology charts, and Human Design basics from a western astrology perspective, as well as Chinese Astrology Nine Star Ki yearly cycles.

She will describe each chart in the context of your dreams and goals. With Astrology charts, Astrocartography maps, and Human Design charts, all energetics, soul purpose, and locations discussed will be supportive for your entire lifetime. She will help you understand what the information means, and co-create clear action steps to proceed.

Melisine will record the session, and you are also welcome to record. If you wish to record, please use a computer (not mobile device). Most clients choose to record on their device, and also take notes during the session.

After your consultation, Melisine will send your charts and maps.
If your recording had any issues, she will send you a backup recording.

If you would like a transcription (text) of the session, you can upload the Zoom audio file of the session to transcription services such as or

Clients often find the transcription helpful because it tells you when (exact time) topics were discussed. You can search the transcription to find out times when we talked about specific topics, so then you can look at those times and find the topics more easily in the video.

If you would like any additional written summary, this will be billed as an additional session.

What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a system that combines Astrology and Geography.

Astrocartography can help you discover ideal places for:

-  recognition, career, luck, love, healing, and communication

-  travel

-  where to create a home and plant roots

-  experience different planet energies without traveling

We can look at your astrocartography map with another person's map (such as a partner, friend, or family member) to understand where are your best places together.  

In relationships,  you will each have your own Astrocartography maps, but depending on where you have spent time in your life, you will also each bring different planetary energies into your interactions, depending on what planetary lines you each have in those places. So it is possible that your partner can bring different energies to your relationship that add to the planetary energies where you currently are located. 

Do I need to travel to experience my astrocartography?

Your astrocartography can come to you without you needing to change location or travel. 

You can meet people in person or virtually who live in areas that are beneficial in your astrocartography, or who have ancestry from there.

 You can also utilize cultural aspects (food, music, art, movies) from those areas to feel the energy from there.

Do your best places change year to year, or stay the same forever?

The placement of planetary energies (lines on the astrocartography map) stay the same on your map. But which planetary energies and transits are activated at different times will change based on what is happening in your astrology chart.

If you live in a place for a long time, sometimes you can feel planetary energies as if your astrology chart birthplace was there (often called a "relocated chart"). However, most astrocartographers believe that you can not fully escape your original birth chart, that will stay with you on some level.

A relocated chart reading is a secondary reading which requires additional preparation. A first reading session is required as a prerequisite to understand the overview of what is happening on your map.

How did you get into astrocartography?

I started my journey with astrocartography to figure out where would be beneficial for me to live my dream life, plant roots, feel at home and alive, and also where my talents would be most valued so my work would flow more easily. 

I have found astrocartography to be profoundly life changing, and so have many of my clients. 

As a result of my astrocartography work, I have traveled extensively and have clients worldwide for my astrocartography, photography, and educational courses.

  • I create partnerships all over the world with leading brands and entrepreneurs.
  • I moved my home base from New York City to Hawaii. My feeling of home and my business blossomed in a beautiful way.
  • I built an online education company during COVID, selling out 25 courses, using astrocartography to find soulmate, aligned clients. 

As a result of astrocartography, I moved to a place where I am better able to shine.
Combined with my personal growth and creative work, my business offerings have consistently and rapidly sold out.  

Because Astrology, Astrocartography and Human Design have been so helpful to me,
 I love to do sessions to empower clients and students. 

Does Astrocartography connect with Human Design?

Human Design is a system that can be helpful in combination with Astrocartography. 

 Astrocartography has information and insights about specific locations in the world that have beneficial energies for you

You can combine those insights with your knowledge of human design to create a plan for big decisions, and how you want to connect, build relationships, and create marketing / outreach initiatives.

Is this session different from an astrocartography map I found online?

If you would like more detailed analysis, a session is a fast track to a deeper understanding.

There are more layers and analysis that are possible with advanced astrology software and with an experienced astrocartography professional.

Typically, websites will only generate your basic astrocartography map without additional layers or analysis to create a full, cohesive vision and understanding.

In advanced software programs, there are many lines and intersections, so it is helpful to work with someone who has experience understanding how these lines (energies) combine and how you can navigate to achieve your goals.

Client Policies

Timing, payments, cancellation policy and scheduling.

  • As with everything I offer, your purchase of private session is non-refundable. If you’re wondering whether this is the right for you, please take some time to familiarize yourself with my work before you make the investment.
  • All sessions take place over Zoom. You have the option to record onto your computer.

Thank you!
I look forward to connecting with you.