Be Your Own Best Photographer

with Photographer Melisine Alegre

Intensive 2 Hour Step by Step Video Workshop


Skill Building Library:
Tutorial Videos + Written Guides

Do you want to take epic photos with your phone?
Are you showing up as your best and brightest self?

Does your online presence reflect who you are right now?

Now is the time to express your unique vision,

Shine your light,

Communicate with purpose.

When your online presence reflects what you offer,

you spend less time selling,

more time doing what you love

and being paid what you deserve!

You will learn how to:

Be Your Own Best Photographer

Feel like it is easy and fun to create visual content!

Create Stunning Photos with just your phone!

Take Your Own Self Portraits

Communicate authentically with visuals to your dream clients

Develop Your Unique Style 

to make your brand unforgettable

Feel Confident and Empowered, not intimidated!

Meet Melisine

I am a pro photographer for some of the most coveted brands in the world. My mission is to help you express your most authentic self and make memorable images.

I help clients feel seen first within themselves, then in their writing and images. My portfolio website is

We will go beyond typical photography classes, utilizing my extensive experience with coaching, healing, art therapy, mindset, and personal growth work.

As trusted by


"Working with Melisine is a gift from the Universe.

She has the ability to shine her light into your world and capture the magic of you with photos.

Melisine's playful, yet serious approach invites you into a safe space to explore deep creative self-expression.

I highly recommend working with her regardless of your comfort level with a camera."

Elisha Starr - Therapist

In the DIY Photography workshop,

You will experience:

Photography Training with a focus on Self Portraits, Creative Photography Techniques, and Visual Storytelling
Live group teaching with Q&A.  

My goal is to help you feel capable and confident taking meaningful photos.

I distill years of photography experience into easy-to-use photography techniques, and methods to coach yourself on mindset, thoughts, and emotions around photos and visibility.

We will also draw upon my extensive experience crafting creative self portraits, to help you understand beautiful and meaningful ways to explore photographing yourself and creating images to illuminate your experiences. (I regularly am hired to develop creative self portraits professionally for my brand clients worldwide.)

Before the Workshop, you will receive:

Photoshoot Inspiration Guide with Melisine's Proven Step by Step Process ($100 value)

After the workshop, you will receive:

Photoshoot Clarity and Planning Written Guide with Melisine's Proven Step by Step Process ($100 value)

Photo Editing Basics Library with step by step videos by Melisine ($200 value)

Melisine made the whole process so simple. She helped every step of the way. Her guidance and expertise were so valuable!

The results speak for themselves! I couldn't be happier!

Courtney Delgado Director of Programming, 
The Life Coach School

Top brands trust Melisine to present their image to the world. I have trusted her to help me tell stories in new ways—through my writing and photography. 

Melisine encouraged me to dig deeper into the meaning and perceptions I make of photos and has helped me see a new, alternative narrative to the stories I tell myself. This has helped me connect more meaningfully.

Catherine Hormats Psychotherapist

This is a wonderful class! I had trouble connecting images of me to the creative and invigorating work I do. Melisine showed me how to bridge that gap!

Melisine does a terrific job of creating supportive community and of helping us SEE ourselves and our work.

Amy Lynch Keynote Speaker & Author

Before, I looked at my creativity with a critical eye and lens. I felt blocked and stressed.

Here the lens is positivity and compassion, seeing value in everything I create: “What do I like? What am I enjoying? What is strong?” 

With this process, as long as its authentic and aligned,  I feel good sharing with the world. 

Now it is easy to keep creating!  My creative floodgates are open!

Aarti Gurnani Awatramani Health Coach

Melisine is one of those rare finds, a photographer of extraordinary talent who infuses each image with a quality of light that allows for unprecedented beauty. Because she has worked for such high end brands, she knows how to both stage and position the coveted shots you have always wanted that can move your ideas and your brand to the next level.

She focuses on a different beauty than you are used to, finding your inner power and ethereal light in an extraordinary process of listening and reflection. She brings out the beauty and light in every single situation! And every person!

I LOVED this course!! 

I recommend this class to anyone who is afraid to show up online, or who wants to love it or who wants to take photos but "doesn't know how" or who wants to find a creative release, have a blast and remember the power of what art really is.

Suzanne Kingsbury - founder of Gateless Writing, Inc.

Express your vibrant, powerful self!

You can be your own best photographer.

Imagine feeling creative, inspired, vibrant whenever you need to take photos! 

This workshop will activate your inner creative power.

You are paying for speed, so you don't have to spend time "figuring it out."

You can just start being creative!
Many students feel so inspired that they go take photos right after the workshop.

This is much less than the price of ONE photoshoot or coaching session with Melisine,
These skills will be part of your creative toolkit forever.

The investment for 


Get Melisine's years of expertise and intensive coaching for a fraction of the cost of one photoshoot.
(Melisine's photoshoot pricing starts at $2500.)

Learn how to think like a photographer so you can always be your own best photographer.