Private, on location
Photography Classes and Adventures 
with Melisine

Do you want to take amazing photos and portraits
with your phone or camera?

Learn how to take beautiful photos,
with ease -- FOREVER.

You can be your own best photographer!



Photo Foundations Class

Beautiful Photos
& Portrait Workshop


Master fundamentals - using a phone + tripod first.

  • Learn to think like a photographer: Lighting, Locations, Portrait Techniques, planning portraits & beautiful selfies!
  • Learn life-changing photo skills easily with your phone camera, which you can later apply to any additional cameras. 


customized private lessons

Private Lessons & 

Adventure Sessions

Q&A + step by step skill lessons

 Recommended after the Foundations Workshop

  • Melisine will create a customized class or photo adventure for you based on your goals.  
  • Get ready to be inspired! Learn how to create your dream photos and develop pro photo skills that you can use forever. 

Meet Melisine

I am a pro photographer for some of the most coveted brands in the world, with a specialty in luxury travel and adventure.

My mission is to help you express your most authentic self and make memorable images.

I help clients of all ages to learn photo skills quickly so they can take amazing photos with ease, and have fun! My portfolio website is

We will go beyond typical photography classes, utilizing my extensive experience with coaching, art therapy, personal growth work, and Maui's special culture.

As trusted by

Melisine's Photography Process:
Easy, Stress-free, and Fun!

My specialty is helping you feel relaxed and confident while learning to take beautiful photos.

No special preparation is required!
You can just be yourself!

We will chat about what images you would like, and come up with a plan together.

Clients say Melisine's process
feels inspiring and joyful.

Client Love

My heart sang
upon seeing the photos!

"Melisine's photos are gorgeous.

I can't thank you enough!"

- Meagan DeGaia

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority - Maui Manager
President of Makoa Quest - Hawaiian cultural restoration 

So simple!

"Mel made the whole process so simple. 

Mel really held my hand and helped every step of the way - from the style and content of the photos to locations, selecting outfits, and even posing. 

Her guidance and expertise were so valuable. And the results speak for themselves! I couldn't be happier!"

- Courtney Rolls
Director of Coach Certification and Alumni
The Life Coach School

Uplevel your photography!

Melisine completely uplevels your images and shows your life to be gorgeous.

Because Mel has worked for such high-end brands, she knows how to stage the coveted shots you have always wanted that can move you to the next level.

Mel's greatest gift is her ability to let her lens be intimate with the essence of who you are.
She uses the camera as a mirror to reflect a person's essential spirit.

She brings out the beauty and light in every single situation! 
And every person!"

- Suzanne Kingsbury 
Master Writing and Publishing Coach
Founder of Gateless Writing Inc.

Felt so safe and relaxed!

"When we met for the shoot, I didn’t really know how to pose, to smile, to look … But as soon as Melisine told me that I could move just naturally, within seconds I felt so safe and relaxed, that I totally forgot about the camera and actually had … fun!

I thought there might be three or four pictures I would like and could use for professional purposes, but oh, was I wrong.

Within 10 minutes she managed to take 200 pictures of me that I liked. That is more than all the photos I like of me of my whole life combined.

This experience wasn’t just a photo shoot. It was a transformation, as it helped me to see my inner and outer beauty, to feel wonderful within my body and with my face. It gave me a lot of confidence. "

- Ivonne Senn 

Far exceeds my expectations!

"I have so much respect and appreciation Melisine's work which is visual art that literally speaks for itself.

My advice to anyone considering taking their dream to the next level is to allow Mel capture the heart and soul of you and your business -- she will not disappoint!"

- Ange Arbuckle 
Retreat Leader and Owner of Retreat in Hawaii

Trust Melisine to portray women in the highest manner of respect

"I am so pleased to recommend Mel, an incredible photographer with a unique eye.

Women in our collective trusted to her to portray them in the highest manner of respect.
Because of this trust, women were able to be truly vulnerable around her, making the process feel authentic.

Mel and I worked closely to shoot editorial work  for Adidas Women, Samsung, and VICE over two years.

I love Mel's work and I love Mel!"

- Jessie Zapo 
Adidas Global Ambassador and Adidas NYC Coach

Known as The "First Lady" of Running

Selected Client Work

Photography, Website, & Social Media Strategy


Luxury Resorts Worldwide including:

Mandarin Oriental

COMO Spas + Resorts

Grand Hyatt Spa + Resort

The Montage Spa + Resort

The Palms & Shore Club, Turks + Caicos

Wanderlust Festivals

Hawaii BusinesSes

Mama's Fish House 

Maui Farms + Floral Artists
Still and Moving Center, Oahu

The Montage Resort + Spa, Maui

Grand Hyatt Resort + Spa, Kauai

The Laylow Hotel, Oahu
Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center

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