Class Structure & Methodology

Ignite Your unique creative vision

Creativity is a muscle that gets stronger with practice.

Our goal is to empower your creativity and bring your most ambitious projects to life. 

Students usually pick a project or goal they want to focus on during our course.

 You will learn to trust in your own vision and intuition, take bold action, develop an instinct for what works, and discover new ways to express what you have to offer. 

My courses are designed to teach students to think strategically about the images they want to capture, like a creative director at an ad agency, drawing upon my work with leading brands, influencers, and innovative media leaders.

The skills you develop will stay with you and continue to grow forever.

soulful creativity method

Creativity meets Psychology, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, and Marketing

  • Unique method for soulful creativity
    Help you connect with yourself using photography, writing, art therapy, creative self-expression, branding, and marketing.

Students call our work together, “life-changing" and report things suddenly clicking where before they haven’t.

Instead of following someone else’s formula, they’re working in a way that aligns with their own strengths and personality.

They gain the confidence they need to launch things they never dreamed of before, like websites, books, courses, products, and group programs.

experience the momentum of Creating live during class

This is not a class where you study alone.

This is a live class, with a supportive, intimate community, where encouragement will propel your momentum. 
Students often have massive breakthroughs and life changing wins. 

The interactive classes help you generate new ideas and plans of action. 

Melisine will introduce inspiring ideas, thought-provoking questions, visualization exercises, and hands on assignments to activate your creativity and intuition. 
We will learn new techniques together during class.
For example, depending on the class, you may create a list of ideas and next steps, a soulful writing piece, or a photography project. 

You will have the option to share and be engaged in conversation. 

Nurturing, Positive Feedback

 A Critique-Free Zone

Sharing creative work in a group can feel vulnerable. But when you get nurturing feedback about your work -- as opposed to critical judgement -- research shows the stress response in brain is absent.

Receiving encouraging, loving feedback builds your confidence as a creative and communicator. 

Therefore we use a philosophy of only positive feedback, without criticism. We silence the part of the brain associated with criticism, and focus on strengths. 

This is often profoundly transformative for students, especially because the group is highly curated and guided by Melisine to create a nurturing, open-hearted, welcoming community.

You will see the power and energy of your work.

Also, by giving feedback with a positive lens,  you will clarify what you love about other people’s work -- what ideas, techniques, and craft can inspire your projects. 

Curated group experience - Fast Track your creativity

The classes are designed to be intimate, small groups where your creativity can be nurtured. The classes will have a maximum of 8 participants and the groups will be curated to ensure you are with peers at a similar level to you. 

By creating as a part of group process, you can: 

  • Boost personal creativity through exposure to diversity.
  • Meet your goals faster than while going it alone.
  • Receive supportive feedback that fuels motivation, encouragement, and growth.

When we feel a part of something bigger than ourselves, what we create is bigger than what we alone could have imagined. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. 

Going through a transformative process together creates a special kind of bond. Sociologists have named this “collective effervescence.”

  • Collective effervescence refers to the sense of connection and meaning that comes from collective events and experiences.
  • It’s a combination of feeling connected to others, sharing a common purpose, and a sensation of sacredness.
  • Research shows that feeling emotional communion with others in a group mediates self-esteem and collective identity.

We can go further when we create in a nurturing, diverse group. We’re social creatures, so when you do creative work in a group, the shared momentum can help you reach your goals faster and have more fun.