make the most

of may!

Astrology - Inspired 
Gateless Writing 


May 2022 is a beautiful time 

to continue to reconnect, reflect, and be inspired.

From an astrological perspective,

the month of May has two retrogrades with Mercury and Pluto.

Retrogrades invite you to do actions that start with the prefix "re" -- 
reconsider and refresh your life, 
reconnect to your writing and creativity.

May 2022 Astrology highlights:

  • Mercury Retrograde - reconnecting with your writing!
  • Full Moon Eclipse - transformations and new beginnings!
  • Jupiter in Aries - tapping into your confidence and courage!
  • Venus in Aries - extra boost of power for creating art, beauty, and pleasure! 


I am a Gateless writing teacher, photographer, and astrologer, on a mission to help you creatively express yourself.

Utilizing my experience with healing, art therapy, personal growth work, and Astrology, we will use our writing time together to explore your journey and the unique energies of this time.

Working with Melisine is a gift from the Universe.
She has the ability to shine her light into your world and capture the magic of you with writing and photos.

Melisine's playful, yet serious approach invites you into a safe space to explore deep creative self-expression.

Elisha Starr- Therapist

Melisine focuses on a different beauty than you are used to,
finding your inner power and ethereal light
in an extraordinary process of listening and reflection.

She brings out the beauty and light in every single situation! And every person!

- Suzanne Kingsbury, founder of Gateless Writing, Inc.

Join US for
Mercury Retrograde WRITING Fun

You will receive:

Astrology-inspired Gateless Writing Salons

May 12, 19, 26
4:30-6pm EST/ 1:30-3pm PST

If there are any sessions that you cannot attend,
I will email you the prompts and optional photo project for that week!


fun, easy, and beautiful !

A safe and supportive community

vibrant creativity and healing !



A kind note that is a live practice and WILL NOT BE RECORDED.

All RSVPs are final with no refund.