The ultimate relocation analysis

Rewrite the Stars
by understanding your relocation charts

DISCOVER your unique strategy to make the most of your best places on earth.

so you can navigate with ease -- FOREVER.

Before you invest
your time and energy in a place,

discover the insights
hidden in your relocation charts

your unique astro magic and potential

How the session works

choose 5 Specific Locations

Melisine will prepare

a Detailed analysis including 

Relocated Charts

Choose up to 5 locations
from areas highlighted in your initial Astrocartography session.

Natal Chart & Astrocartography

Advanced Calculations

including Triplicity Rulers, Astrological Timing, and Human Design


Your Best Places on Earth
Big picture, beneficial zones

Natal + Relocated Astrology Charts

Your Strengths + Opportunities in each specific place

 Advanced Astrological Calculations

Hidden insights within your charts including Triplicity Rulers

The ultimate relocation analysis

Hours of Analysis

Before Your Session

Interactive video

session with Melisine

Custom Report

with Maps + Charts

Video & Audio Recordings

with Transcript

Let's Get Started!

Book Your Location Intensive Session

Your session includes an interactive conversation and guidance with Melisine, 
as well as Melisine's intensive preparation before --
minimum two hours of preparation BEFORE
to analyze your relocated charts, process advanced Astrological calculations,
and strategize how to support your goals and life purpose.

more details

you will receive:

This session is a detailed look at what your life will be like in up to 5 specific places of your choosing, using your relocated charts and deeper layers of advanced Astrological method calculations for each specific location. 

It is recommended to choose places within the broader areas discussed in your Astrocartography session.

  • Melisine's analysis of up to 10 specific places using Relocated Charts & Advanced Astrological Calculations including Triplicity Rulers
  • Synthesis of your Relocated Charts, Natal Chart, and Astrocartography map lines -- in combination
  • Strategic Step by Step Actions  - how to use this information to design your life as well as work and romantic partnerships

Meet Melisine

Melisine is a rare combination of astrologer, coach, professional photographer, and business strategist who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

It is my joy and passion to help you understand your best places to explore and invest time, energy, and money.

I combine insights from years of study with masters and experiential insights from myself and my clients.  

Astrocartography can be profoundly life changing. It helped me create:

  • I moved across the world and built my dream life in a place where I had no pre-existing connections.
  • I created a successful creative agency, working leading, high-end brands worldwide in less than 1 year.
  • I built a consulting and education business (sold out 30+ online courses during COVID) by strategically building a global clientele.

Worldwide experience creating

 global partnerships & clientele 

Expertise in Astrocartography & Life Coaching

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Selected Client Testimonials

So much insight!

"I recently had a reading with Melisine and it was wonderful. 
She gave me so much insight into plans I’m considering
and also my experiences in various places I’ve lived in the past.
I highly recommend her work if you have any curiosity about it!

- Bridget Randolph

Digital Marketing Manager


"Working with Melisine has been amazing.

She brings light and witness to the nudges in your spirit and she brings awareness to things you didn’t know you needed to know.

 She’s kind and caring and has given over and above each time I’ve worked with her."

- Billie Streets
Senior Vice President, Madison Square Garden


"I'm so in love with this and I'm so grateful!"

- Suzanne Kingsbury 
Master Writing and Publishing Coach
Founder of Gateless Writing Inc.

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