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Writing + Photography Workshop

Introduction to Visual Storytelling & Self Portraiture


Create writing and photography ideas that you love
Illuminate your life story
See your inner light


Clarify your unique vision and aesthetic
Visualize new photo ideas that feel like you!
Learn creative ways to tell visual stories
Create writing & photos that shine together


Melisine is a creative strategist and branding photographer with some of the most coveted brands in the world.

Meet Melisine

Melisine is a certified Gateless Writing Teacher and also a pro photographer – so she teaches writing and photography together.

In her courses, Melisine helps everyone from writers to entrepreneurs to COVID frontline doctors become confident visual storytellers.

As trusted by

Gateless Approach

Build your confidence as a writer and photographer
Empower your inner creative genius!

You will see the power and energy of your creative work. 
We focus on strengths -- no criticism!
This is a critique free zone, and a supportive, safe community.

What is Gateless?

The Gateless Method creates magic, a profound growth in your confidence and creative energy. 

The process works for all levels of creative work -- writers and non-writers, photographers and non-photographers.

It provides incredible transformation in a short amount of time.

A Gateless experience starts with soulful, guided meditation or question to activate your creativity and intuition. 

We will create and write alongside each other, and then you have the option to share. You will receive and give positive, nurturing feedback. 

Giving feedback with a positive lens helps you realize what you love about other people’s work, and what ideas, techniques, and craft can inspire your writing and communications.

A unique creative & HEALING EXPERIENCE

A combination of writing, photography, narrative therapy, and meditation

Praise for Melisine's CLASSES

I LOVED this!! We had so much fun. 

I recommend this class to anyone who is afraid to show up online, or who wants to love it,
or who wants to take photos but "doesn't know how,"
or who wants to find a creative release, 
have a blast and remember the power of what art really is.

Suzanne Kingsbury founder of Gateless Writing, Inc.

In 10 minutes, Melisine and I created 200 pictures of me that I liked. 

That is more than all the photos that I like of me in my whole life combined.

Ivonne Senn Coach & Author

Top brands trust Melisine to present their image to the world. I have trusted her to help me tell stories in new ways—through my writing and photography. 

Melisine encouraged me to dig deeper into the meaning and perceptions I make of photos and has helped me see a new, alternative narrative to the stories I tell myselfThis has helped me connect more meaningfully.

Catherine Hormats Pyschotherapist

Melisine helped us SEE ourselves and our work.

Before the class, I was very dissatisfied with my own image.

I had trouble connecting images of me to the creative and invigorating work I do.

Melisine showed me how to bridge that gap!

Amy Lynch - Keynote Speaker & Author

It really is a WONDERFUL course!

A beautiful cocoon of sparkly creativity.

Say yes!

Kara DeGering Gallagher Author

Join us
Let's create together

Introduction to Visual Storytelling & Self Portraiture


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for your Live, Interactive, Zoom Workshop with Melisine

Sunday March 6

12 - 1:30 PM EST Eastern
9 - 10:30 AM PST Pacific
7 - 8:30 AM Hawaii


5 - 6:30 PM EST Eastern
2 - 3:30 PM PST Pacific

11 AM - 12:30 PM Hawaii

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Do we need to share photos of ourselves in the Visual Storytelling salon?

No. 🙂

This class will be an introduction to thinking about the self visually, starting to imagine --using your writing -- how you can express yourself with more meaningful and creative images.

This introductory class will not be a photo skill workshop -- my longer classes go more deeply into photography "nuts and bolts."

This class will be a "creative direction" / "art direction" workshop-- where you will explore your visual style via your writing, to create a foundation for you to later create photos that you love.

We may do a brief exercise with phone cameras but otherwise we will spend time thinking about images and visual storytelling, then writing and sharing like in usual Gateless Writing salons.

Is it ok if I want to learn more about Visual Storytelling for my personal life and family (not for business, online presence, website)?

This class will help you improve your writing and photography skills, which can be used for any purpose, personal or professional.

Is it ok if I need to be off-camera during the class (Zoom video off)?

Yes, that is ok.

Since this is a class about visual storytelling — how you see — it will help if you can see Melisine's shared screen while she shows images. Larger screens (such as computers, laptops, or tablets) can help you view images better.

There will be a time for you to write and create image ideas. Some people like to draw ideas. You will have the option to share your writing and image ideas, Gateless-style, with positive feedback. During that time you may wish to show your visual ideas on Zoom video. 

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