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Revisit your Astrology & Astrocartography
with Astrology Expert Melisine

discover the potential of your astrocartography

Find Your Best Places

Design Your Dream Life

CHOOSE YOUR experience:


Refresh your understanding of
your Astrocartography Map

tell mel your #1 priority right now

She will illuminate places that will support you.
You can go in person or engage remotely.

  • Choose your #1 priority right now: recognition, career, luck, love, healing, travel or anything else
  • Get a big picture overview of beneficial zones. Understand what the energies / lines mean, and co-create clear action steps to proceed.
  • You will need: exact birthtime from birth certificate.

Go Deeper with Relocated Chart + Map in combination

tell mel #1 PLACE you want to understand

 She will illuminate what is possible there.
You can go in person or engage remotely.

  • Choose 1 place, plus up to 4 extra. Melisine will review your Astrocartography Map + Relocated Charts.
  • Get a detailed look at 1 place -- understand strengths, and potential opportunities and challenges in that place-- how your life can change.
  • You will need: exact birthtime from birth certificate.

Please note

this is a

30 minute session


Melisine's usual 1.5 hour sessions start at $550.

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Meet Melisine

Melisine is a rare combination of astrologer, coach, professional photographer, and business strategist who has worked with some of the most respected brands in the world. 

It is my joy and passion to help you understand your best places to explore and invest time, energy, and money.

I combine insights from years of study with masters and experiential insights from myself and my clients.  

Astrocartography can be profoundly life changing. A few ways it has helped me:

  • I moved across the world and built my dream life in a place where I had no pre-existing connections.
  • I created a successful photography and creative agency, working leading, high-end brands worldwide in less than 1 year.
  • I built a consulting and education business (sold out 30+ online courses during COVID) by strategically building a global clientele.

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Client Love

Great insights!

"I had never heard of an astrocartography reading but after speaking with Melisine I got curious about it and decided to have my chart read. 

I’m so glad I did as Melisine gave me some great deep insights on how to use it to move my business forward and also to explore areas of the world I’d never considered before in order to take advantage of the energy there!"

- Kimberley Taylor

Easy, simple terms for a beginner!

Melisine was absolutely amazing.
I had no idea how to read my own Astrocartography map, and had wanted to find someone who could explain my map/lines in easy, simple terms for a complete beginner. She did exactly that.

Very thorough and precise, Melisine was so enlightening as she provided so much information and recommendations. Thank you!

- Sarah O'Neill 

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  • I acknowledge that all decisions I take inspired by my Astrocartography session are my own, based on my own interpretation.