Visual Storytelling Academy

3 Week Intensive


Create your authentic online presence with photographer and Gateless Writing teacher Melisine Alegre


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A THREE Week Intensive Live Course

Are you showing up as your best and brightest self online?

Does your online presence reflect who you are right now?

More than ever before, people are engaging online with record usage on Google, Facebook, Instagram and beyond.

Sometimes that can feel out of control.

But here’s the secret: you get to control how you want to show up. 

You have an unprecedented opportunity to present yourself, your voice, and your image in a way that feels more aligned and reflects your deep inner self.

It is an exciting time for creative self-expression.

Your words and images can make a huge difference, and build a strong and beautiful online presence for years to come.

And I can help.

In Visual Storytelling Academy,

You will feel empowered and energized with your writing process and creating visual stories with your phone or a camera. You can take amazing photos with just your phone! 

For many students, a key focus is on writing and photographing the authentic self, stepping in front of the camera.

You will experience:

  • How to create vibrant, soulful writing and artistic photos with your phone and have fun while doing it!
  • Create your unique voice and storytelling
  • Foundational photography techniques
  • Mindset  — Use photography to fuel personal growth
  • Media strategy for marketing and messaging for websites, social media, speaking, etc.
  • Photography and art inspiration 

What you get

3 Weeks of Gateless Writing Salons
Intimate, soulful writing + encouragement.

3 Private Creative Coaching Sessions with Melisine as your mentor

One-on-one sessions weekly.

30 minutes each.

Private Facebook Group with Melisine -- Nurturing, Inspiring, Energized! 

A safe space and positive community in which you can grow and share your creations.

2 Weeks of Photography Trainings with a focus on Creative Techniques and Media Strategy

5 professional, retouched images, with step-by-step how-to videos just for you

Learn advanced editing techniques specifically for your images.

Extensive Library of Melisine's Videos + Guides -Learn everything you need to create!

Be inspired and learn new techniques. All of Melisine's expertise made easy for you, step-by-step.

Plus lifetime access to
MELISINE'S Self Study Courses + Workshops

Video Trainings

Step-By-Step How-To Videos with Melisine.

Written Guides 

Strategy, Creative Skills, Inspiring Prompts

 Coaching Practices

Mindset, Blocks, Limiting Beliefs, Fear, Resistance


  • Your Photography Vision
  • Pro Photography Planning Strategies 
  • Self Portrait Strategies 
  • Mindset: Playful Approach + Overcoming Obstacles
  • Phone Photography
  • Photo Editing 
  • Advanced techniques: collages, text + images


  • Photography as Self Care, a Sacred Relationship with yourself
  • Strategies to Build Confidence and Momentum
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Daily Clarity Practices
  • Human Design for Business
  • Meditative Photography
  • Embodiment, Movement, Meditation, Breathwork


I am a pro photographer and Gateless writing teacher who helps clients creatively express their soulful and genuine selves.

I help clients feel seen first within themselves, then in their writing and images. My website is

My intention is for you to develop skills  to feel confident showing who you are and making memorable images.

We will go beyond typical writing and photography classes, utilizing my extensive experience with coaching, healing, art therapy, mindset, and personal growth work.

We create a safe space for you to be fully seen and heard in your deepest truths.

 This is the fast track to create writing and photos that are inspired, energized, and powerful.

What is Gateless Writing?

The Gateless Writing method creates a certain magic, a profound growth in your confidence and creative energy. The process works for writers and non-writers alike and provides incredible transformation in a short amount of time.

A  Gateless Salon is a writing experience that starts with soulful, guided meditation or question to activate your creativity and intuition. 

We write together for different periods of time ranging from 5 to 25 minutes. You have the option to read aloud, then receive and give positive feedback. 

Receiving encouraging, loving feedback builds your confidence as a writer and communicator. You will see the power and energy of your work. We silence the part of the brain associated with criticism, and focus on strengths. This is a critique free zone, and a supportive, safe community.

Giving feedback with a positive lens helps you realize what you love about other people’s work, and what ideas, techniques, and craft can inspire your writing and communications.

Praise for Visual Storytelling Academy

In 10 minutes, Melisine and I created 200 pictures of me that I liked. 

That is more than all the photos that I like of me in my whole life combined.

Ivonne Senn Coach & Author

Top brands trust Melisine to present their image to the world. I have trusted her to help me tell stories in new ways—through my writing and photography. 

Melisine encouraged me to dig deeper into the meaning and perceptions I make of photos and has helped me see a new, alternative narrative to the stories I tell myselfThis has helped me connect more meaningfully.

Catherine Hormats Pyschotherapist

It really is a WONDERFUL course!

A beautiful cocoon of sparkly creativity.

Say yes!

Kara DeGering Gallagher Author

I LOVED this course!! We had so much fun. 

I recommend this class to anyone who is afraid to show up online, or who wants to love it or who wants to take photos but "doesn't know how" or who wants to find a creative release, have a blast and remember the power of what art really is.

Suzanne Kingsbury founder of Gateless Writing, Inc.

You can be your own best photographer and Writer.


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