Great photos transform how the world sees you
and what you offer.

You deserve photos that honor and celebrate your retreat, while providing beautiful images you and your attendees can enjoy for years to come.  

I will work closely with you on your ideas to make sure your vision becomes a reality.

Does your retreat's online presence reflect all of the beauty and magic you create?

When your retreat's online presence reflects what you offer,

you spend less time selling,

more time doing what you love

and being paid what you deserve!

you will experience

Images that capture the beauty of your retreat

 Memories for you and your attendees to treasure 

Effortless retreat sales - images speak louder than words

Ability to communicate with visuals to your dream clients

Meet Melisine

I am a pro photographer for some of the most coveted brands in the world. My mission is to help you express your most authentic self and make memorable images.

My portfolio website is

We will go beyond a typical photography experience, utilizing my extensive experience with coaching, healing, art therapy, mindset, and personal growth work.

Why work with Melisine

  • Beautiful photos that communicate your message and spirit
  • Photoshoot strategy for maximum beauty: how to organize activities to create a symphony of lighting, places, people, food
  • Advertising-quality images that look like a magazine
  • Luxury photoshoot styling expertise from years working with top resorts, spas, and retreats worldwide
  • Respect for safe spaces and leaders specializing in deep transformation, spiritual and personal growth, sacred land
  • Brand-building + documentary-style photojournalism -- combined
  •  Melisine's step-by-step Retreat Photography Guide ($100 value)

How Melisine Photographs Retreats

Melisine typically works with retreats in two ways: to create styled photographs and to create documentary-style, candid images.

Before the retreat activities begin, Melisine will consult with retreat leaders about their vision, and help plan the layout of activities (such as where to position people and objects in a scene, or explaining what direction the retreat leader should face to ensure the most flattering lighting) to create the best possible photos.

Retreat leaders can collaborate with Melisine to design vibrant experiences that look like a magazine photoshoot. Often we will create a special ceremony or celebration in which participants can dress up and have fun.  

These festive photos have the additional benefit of inspiring and visually convincing future clients to say "I want to be there! Sign me up!"

For documentary-style images, Melisine typically participates in activities alongside attendees so they can bond and feel comfortable. 

She has her camera at all times, which allows her to discreetly, quietly, and respectfully take photos whenever she senses a good moment coming. 

This approach has the advantage of capturing photos from a more intimate, authentic perspective and creating a sense of trust and camaraderie. 

Retreat leaders and participants say Melisine's photoshoot process feels gentle, expansive, and transformative.

Extra Offerings


Inspired Writing &
Self Portraits

Tap into your creativity and  story through photos + Gateless writing.

Private sessions 

Photoshoots + Astrology

Melisine offers short photoshoots + astro sessions to retreat attendees. 



Visual strategy for retreat leaders +  property owners.

Client Love

Fully booked and sold out!

"Melisine is an incredible photographer who knows exactly how to capture a mood and has a wonderful eye for detail.
She has gone above and beyond in providing photos of our annual conference (the Women's Travel Fest) that stun, and we've used them online to great success, to be fully booked and sold out.

I would highly recommend working with her to capture beautiful, creative photos for your next project or idea.

She has a way of making women feel relaxed and confident in photos, with a friendly energy that adds to the camaraderie of any event."

- Kelly Lewis 
Founder of Women's Travel Fest Annual Conference
and Damesly Retreats

Took my business to the next level of professionalism and value,
Quickly booked $44,000

“Melisine has created a visual story with her photography that far exceeds my expectations. 

Her ability to capture exactly what my clientele needs to see and feel is impeccable.

Working with Mel at my retreat center has taken my business to the next level of professionalism and value. 

I have so much respect and appreciation Melisine's work which is visual art that literally speaks for itself.

My advice to anyone considering taking their dream to the next level is to allow Mel capture the heart and soul of you and your business -- she will not disappoint!"

Ange Arbuckle 
Retreat Leader and Owner of Retreat in Hawaii

Photos that can move your brand and business to the next level

"If you are looking for someone to do photography for your retreat, Melisine completely uplevels the retreat visually and shows it to be gorgeous.

Because Mel has worked for such high-end brands, she knows how to stage the coveted shots you have always wanted that can move your business and your brand to the next level.

Mel's greatest gift is her ability to let her lens be intimate with the essence of who you are.
She uses the camera as a mirror to reflect a person's essential spirit.

She brings out the beauty and light in every single situation! 
And every person!"

Suzanne Kingsbury 
Master Writing and Publishing Coach
Founder of Gateless Writing Retreats

My heart sang
upon seeing the photos!

"Melisine's photos are gorgeous.

I can't thank you enough!"

- Meagan DeGaia

President of Makoa Quest - Hawaiian cultural restoration 

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority - Maui Manager

Trust Melisine to portray women in the highest manner of respect

"I am so pleased to recommend Mel, an incredible photographer with a unique eye.

Women in our collective trusted to her to portray them in the highest manner of respect.
Because of this trust, women were able to be truly vulnerable around her, making the process feel authentic.

Mel and I worked closely to shoot editorial work  for Adidas Women, Samsung, and VICE over two years.

I love Mel's work and I love Mel!"

- Jessie Zapo 
Adidas Global Ambassador and Adidas NYC Coach

Known as The "First Lady" of Running

Let's do this!

Selected Client Work


Four Seasons

Mandarin Oriental

COMO Spas + Resorts

Grand Hyatt Spa + Resort

The Montage Spa + Resort

The Palms & Shore Club, Turks + Caicos

Wanderlust Festivals


Adidas Women - Jessie Zapo

Gateless Writing - Suzanne Kingsbury

Retreat in Hawaii - Ange Arbuckle

Women's Travel Fest - Kelly Lewis

Starlight Sanctuary - Achintya Devi

The Assemblage - Vienna Pharaon

The Wing - Aminatou Sow

Hawaii BusinesSes

Mama's Fish House

Makoa Quest
Still and Moving Center, Oahu

The Montage Resort + Spa, Maui

Grand Hyatt Resort + Spa, Kauai

The Laylow Hotel, Oahu
Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center