Divine Timing
Astrology Experience

EACH DAY and hour have different energies.

You can create your best year yet
by learning how to navigate Astrological energies. 


My mission is to help you live your dream life, and use Astrology and Astrocartography to help you navigate each step of the way.

I am so excited to share the 2024 Divine Timing Astrology Calendar update for returning clients!

I want you to feel confident as you plan your next year, and learn astrology timing strategies faster than I did-- with clarity, not confusion.

As you know, the calendars will help you go beyond typical astrology calendars, learning simple but powerful timing strategies from both Western and Chinese astrology. 

The timing of your actions is pivotal to your success.

you will RECEIVE

Includes Astrological Timing Foundations and Basics from Western + Chinese Astrology

Western Astrology

Chinese Astrology
Daily Energies (“Officers”)

(Calendar will be available Digitally (Google + Apple Calendars))

The investment for the 

2024 Divine Timing Experience:
Western + Chinese Astrological 

for Google Calendar

is $140.

Please note:  
2024 Calendars are ready and will be emailed immediately!

How can understanding the general astrological energies help me on a daily or hourly basis?

This calendar and guide will help you understand foundational astrological timing practices and tools so you can determine the general energy of certain days and hours. 

A New Lens to See Opportunities

Astrological timing can help you see opportunities and open doors when it comes to planning important life events.

A New Way to Take Action

By learning these tools, you can find more power in how you navigate and make choices, and limit obstacles that get in the way of achieving your desired outcomes.

You can learn how to choose a supportive planetary day or hour for your greatest chances of success.

Because Astrological Timing has been so helpful to me and my clients,
I am excited to share these tools with you!