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for Melisine's Astrocartography Sessions

“Absolutely Amazing!”
— Sarah O'Neill

Mel is quite clearly Divinely guided in her ability to read astrocartography maps and help lead others to their authenticity.
Not only does she have a palpable passion for travel and a wide breath of knowledge of geography, itself, but she also has beautiful insights for you as she glides over the map.

From potential cultures that may serve as sources of inspiration, to retreat centers to consider visiting, to which lovers or friends might be the best fit.
I went in wanting to know how to feel my most seen and in flow, and I came out with tangible action steps. So much more than a map of places to seek out or avoid. 

Mel has an uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what each area could offer you in your healing journey - whether its a visit to that place or a piece of the culture to explore. Absolutely beautiful reading. 

Mary Nyiri Interior Designer

I was a total newbie to astrocartography, and honestly a beginner in astrology as well. But I was pulled to this reading because I love to travel and had heard others share about their results.

It was so phenomenal to get an overview of my entire astrocartography chart with Melisine! She explained everything and made it easy to understand. She answered every question I had. 

Now I have new locations to travel to as well as to recruit clients and collaborators from!
Super grateful and look forward to more readings in the future!

Caitlin JarvisHolistic Health Coach

I recently had a reading with Melisine and it was wonderful. 

She gave me so much insight into plans I’m considering
and also my experiences in various places I’ve lived in the past.
I highly recommend her work if you have any curiosity about it!

Bridget RandolphDigital Marketing Manager

Melisine really blew me away during my reading. She explained everything to me with clarity and a dash of humor.

I had looked up my chart before but on my own, I struggled to understand what each line & symbol represented. I was also able to record our session so I can refer back to it whenever I need to.

I’m excited to dive deeper and plan some travel and even more stoked that a lot of those stops are already on my bucket list!

Betsey CassoneEntrepreneur

I learned so much in our time together.

I wish I had this reading in my 20's lol,
looking back to past relationships and work experiences makes more sense now. 
As for my future, its a nice tie back to my personal growth work that
I am upleveling in the best places and people energetically.

Melinda Rushing Entrepreneur

Melisine broke down my Astrocartography. 

It was so insightful and a game changer.
She knows her stuff for sure!

Fidel FordeEntrepreneur

This really worked for me!

Loved it SO much, highly recommend!

Suzanne KingsburyFounder of Gateless Writing, Inc.

Melisine was a delight to work with.
I told her that I was interested in astrocartography because my husband and I are considering moving in the future and not only did she analyze my chart but she went out of her way to pull my husband's chart as well.

I learned so much and also got a few ideas for vacation spots in the future!
I cannot recommend Melisine highly enough!!  

Sammy Patten Rivera Marketing Professional

Melisine was absolutely amazing.
I had no idea how to read my own astrocartography map, and had wanted to find someone who could explain my map/lines in easy, simple terms for a complete beginner. She did exactly that.

Very thorough and precise, Melisine was so enlightening as she provided so much information and recommendations. Thank you!

Sarah O'Neill - Wellness Entrepreneur

I had never heard of an astrocartography reading but after speaking with Melisine I got curious about it and decide to have my chart read. 

I’m so glad I did as Melisine gave me some great deep insights on how to use it to move my business forward and also to explore areas of the world I’d never considered before in order to take advantage of the energy there!

Kimberley Taylor Mindset Expert

I've always wanted to get an astrocartography reading done because I've been fascinated with how astrology can give more insight on what are the most (and least) complementary places to live.

Melisine read my chart and showed me the most favorable places around the world to spend time while helping me avoid the ones that won't support me as much.

It was amazing because it validated how I already felt about these places! As someone who has traveled around the world, this has been invaluable. I highly recommend getting a session from Melisine!"

Christine PerezEntrepreneur

My astrocartography reading with Melisine was just what I was looking for!

She explained how it works, what my chart showed, and how I could consider/apply this information to my life in a really easy, digestible way.

Plus, she set me up for success moving forward by showing me how to continue the work on my own.

Sofia Adler Astrologer

Melisine's astrocartography reading was everything I had hoped for and more! I love to travel and have been considering where I should visit next or possibly even move in the future, so I sought out her services to gain some insight into areas I might want to explore.

She explained what all of the different lines on my map meant and shared her expertise in a way that was easy for me to follow, even as a total beginner. She also took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered and covered information about everything from which parts of the world may be places of transformation to which may offer a sense of feeling valued and seen.

In addition, she offered really insightful, practical tips for how I could start engaging remotely with people in certain parts of the world and make the most of my most beneficial lines, even though I may not be able to visit them in person for a while.

After the reading, I felt like I had a lot of inspiration and focus about where I want to intentionally direct my energy moving forward. Thank you, Melisine!

Caitlin HawekotteLife Coach


for Melisine's Astro Business Strategy Sessions

So helpful and so fun!

I feel excited about new approaches for my business and marketing.

I loved the action steps Melisine gave!

It's nice to get perspective from Melisine who can see different energies and how they show up, and what works best for different people, depending on their Astrology and Human Design.

Heather Hanson Life Coach

New ways for my business to grow!

“I loved my session with Melisine.

The reading was resonant and exciting,
opening up new ways for my business to grow,
and new ways to work with people in different places,
all of them feeling aligned with who I am and what I do.

Honestly, it feels like Melisine knows me
better than my mom after this!"

Becky KarushFounder of Read to Me Literary Arts + Podcast Host


for Melisine's Astro RELATIONSHIP Strategy Sessions

Learn how to connect through transitions and growth!

"If you want your relationships to be as harmonious and enriching as possible, Melisine’s sessions are life-changing.

Melisine analyzed my family including my spouse and children.

Melisine’s sessions are powerful because she helps you see the energy and unseen dynamics of your life and your relationships.

It feels like a map to find treasures in your relationships, like you are given keys to connect with people in your life.

You will gain a broader perspective -- beyond your own view.

You will understand why things are happening, see forces at play in each person's life path, so you don't take it personally. Learning how to connect and have compassion as we move through transitions and growth can make a huge difference."

Suki BurnsMaster Healer

The only offering that combines modalities for a thorough, holistic relationship understanding

"Melisine’s relationship sessions & strategy sessions are a must for anyone wanting to understand the energetics of their relationship. It gave me confirmation of the things I suspected about my connection, and also helped me see the different ways that my partner and I show up in relationship, and taught me how to navigate these differences to really help our relationship thrive.

This is the only offering I have come across that combines various modalities to give a more thorough, holistic, picture. Highly recommend."

Hiwa AlaghebandianEntrepreneur + Podcast Host


for Melisine's Astro Soul Journey Sessions

"Highly recommend!
I loved Melisine’s reading!
Validated all the reasons why I felt pulled to certain parts of the world
and how it fit with my Human Design and natal Astrology !"

Karolyn McKinleyPsychotherapist

Confidence to live the life I was meant to lead

"Mel’s innovative and magical approach has helped me believe in myself again.

Her gentle guidance and thorough analysis of the stars has proved indispensable.

I’m now more confident and heart-driven to live the life I was meant to lead."

Eldon ChristensonMarketing Manager


"Working with Melisine has been amazing.

She brings light and witness to the nudges in your spirit and she brings awareness to things you didn’t know you needed to know. She’s kind and caring and has given over and above each time I’ve worked with her. So glad to have connected with her and really looking forward to working with her again in the future."

Billie StreetsSenior Vice President, Madison Square Garden


"I’ve experienced life-changing, eye-opening astrology and astrocartography sessions with Melisine.

The breadth of her experience, wisdom, and guidance helped me see my life in a whole new light.

I highly recommend her sessions to anyone looking to make an important change in their lives and a crucial contribution to others.

Thank you, Mel!"

Nina Hart Writer, Performer, Creativity Coach

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