4 Session Intensive

Mentorship and strategy to fulfill your most radiant vision for your life and business.

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My clients call our work together, “Life-changing.”

This approach works.

Clients report things suddenly clicking where before they haven’t.

Instead of following someone else’s formula, they’re working in a way that aligns with their own strengths and personality. They gain the confidence they need to do things they never dreamed of before.


If you are ready to change your life, together we will co-create action steps to go from your current reality to your dream life -- and overcome any blocks in between.  

Make your dreams happen!

 Instead of following someone else’s formula, you'll learn step into your highest reality and  goals in a way that aligns with your unique strengths and personality.  We will illuminate how you can be your most magnetic, vibrant self

Combining your unique strengths and timing from Astrocartography, Astrology, Chinese Astrology yearly cycles, and Human Design, with Melisine's action-oriented coaching, you will build on "wins" and create momentum toward your dreams.

What you get

Four (4) calls that you book at your own pace based on your desired support.

Hours of Analysis

Before Your Sessions

Interactive video

sessions with Melisine

Custom Reports

with Maps + Charts

Video & Audio Recordings

with Transcript

How it works

  • 4 Hour-long Coaching Sessions including strategy ($2000 value) 
  • Sessions can be used for any focus: Soul Journey, Astrocartography, Relationships, Business, Timing.
  • Your hour-long sessions can be done weekly or combined into multi-hour sessions (such as one 4 hour intensive).
  • Melisine will do deep level analysis and preparations before each meeting-- Minimum 2 hours of preparation before each session so your time is used efficiently, full of high quality guidance and actionable insights.
  • You get a minimum 10 page customized document with your maps and charts. Your maps and charts will be useful for your entire life -- they do not change  because they are based on your unique birthtime and place.
  • We will co-create detailed, customized strategy steps to propel you forward.
  • You will receive access to Melisine's Astrology Written Guides, Calendar, and Astrological Timing Course ($300 value)

The investment for the 4 Session Astrology Coaching Experience is $2000.

More Details about Melisine's Approach

Taking action using your Astrology and Astrocartography is like a muscle that gets stronger with practice.

Working with me, you will take bold action, develop an instinct for what works, discover new ways to navigate toward your dreams, and learn to trust in your own vision and intuition.

The skills you develop will stay with you forever.

Learn By Doing

That’s what I do and what I teach.

Starting is often the hardest part. 

In a world where ideas and strategies are a dime a dozen, execution is what really matters.

In my mentorship, you don’t just learn how to read your Astrology, Human Design, and Astrocartography-- you actually take action. 

When our mentorship is finished, you’ll have experienced a win (sometimes a big one!). You’ll have a better understanding of what works and what to change next time. And you’ll have the confidence and momentum that come from experience.


“Melisine does a terrific job of helping us SEE ourselves and our work.”
— Amy Lynch

Client Policies

Timing, payments, cancellation policy and scheduling.

  • As with everything I offer, your purchase of a mentoring program or intensive is non-refundable. If you’re wondering whether this is the right program for you, please take some time to familiarize yourself with my work before you make the investment.

  • All Mentoring sessions take place over Zoom. You have the option to record onto your computer.

Thank you!
I look forward to connecting with you.