Astrocartography With Melisine

Find Your Best Places

Design Your Dream Life

Discover ideal places for recognition, career, luck, love, healing, and communication.

What places on earth are most beneficial or challenging for me energetically?
Where can I feel best and achieve my soul purpose?
Where will my work and efforts be most supported and valued?
Where can I find my soulmate friends, clients, and dream partnerships?

Astrocartography is a system that combines Astrology and Geography. 

Astrocartography can help you discover ideal places for:

-  recognition, career, luck, love, healing, and communication

-  travel

-  where to create a home and plant roots

-  experience different planet energies without traveling

We can look at your astrocartography map with another person's map (such as a partner, friend, or family member) to understand your best places together. 

Meet Melisine

 Melisine is a rare combination of
astrologer, coach, professional photographer, and business strategist
who has worked with some of the most respected brands in the world. 

It is my joy and passion to help you understand your best places to explore and invest time, energy, and money.

I combine insights from years of study with masters and experiential insights from myself and my clients.  

Astrocartography can be profoundly life changing. A few ways it has helped me:

  • I moved across the world and built my dream life in a place where I had no pre-existing connections.
  • I created a successful photography and creative agency, working leading, high-end brands worldwide in less than 1 year.
  • I built a consulting and education business (sold out 30 online courses during COVID) by strategically building a global clientele.

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The most comprehensive Astrocartography sessions

Hours of Analysis

Before Your Session

Interactive Session

on Zoom with Melisine


with your Maps + Charts

Video & Audio Recordings

with Transcript

What's Included

Map with Astrocartography + Local Space lines

Your Best Places on Earth
Big picture, beneficial zones

Natal + Relocated Astrology Charts in combination

Your Strengths + Opportunities in specific places

 Advanced Astrological Calculations

Deeper insights calculated from your charts

Session Details

  • You get an album with a minimum of 10 images with your maps and charts. Your maps and charts will be useful for your entire life -- they do not change  because they are based on your unique birthtime and place.
  • Melisine does a minimum two hours of preparation BEFORE your session to analyze your Astrological charts and maps, natal chart, and relocated charts to strategize how to support your goals and life purpose. 
  • You can choose an Overview Session of All Locations Worldwide or a Specific Locations Session. 
  • You will need your exact birth time from your birth certificate, or your rectified chart time. If you cannot find your birth certificate, sometimes you can get the birth certificate record from the town where you were born.
  • Please note that Melisine does Western Astrology Astrocartography, not Vedic Astrocartography


1 - 2 Person intensive

$550 USD


3 - 4 person intensive

$750 USD

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Client Love

It's so fun!

- Paula Diaco, Writing Coach

A game changer!

- Fidel Forde, Speaker + Coach

Absolutely amazing!

- Sarah O'Neill, Entrepreneur


Create a strategy and action steps
to help you evolve as the best version of yourself
and create your biggest dreams.

Let's Get Started!

Book Your Astrocartography Session

Your session includes an interactive conversation and guidance with Melisine, 
as well as Melisine's intensive preparation before
to analyze your Astrological charts and maps,
and strategize how to support your goals and life purpose.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the session?

Melisine will do a full analysis of your entire natal Astrology chart as well as your Astrocartography map around the world, from a western astrology perspective, including all relevant planetary lines and intersections. She will look at both Zodiacal and In Mundo line calculations, and when relevant, create relocated charts in key areas to cross reference.  

Melisine is known as the Astrocartography expert who spends the most time and effort preparing an analysis for clients before a session. Many other so-called Astrocartographers will only quickly look at your Map and natal chart.

1 or 2 person session includes a 1 hour and 30 minutes (90 minutes) Zoom videochat. 

3 or 4 person session includes a 2 hour Zoom videochat.

It is usually best to do the session all at once, but it can be split into two sessions if needed. 

Your experience will begin with a questionnaire to share what you are seeking at this time in your life, and help Melisine understand what energies (lines) feel aligned for you. Melisine prepares for your consultation by reviewing two mapping systems: Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space, as well as your relocated charts around the world.

In the session, we begin with a brief conversation to further clarify your dreams and intentions. 

Melisine will share her analysis of your Astrocartography map, natal chart, and relocated charts. For each location, she will describe the energies in the context of your birth chart as well as your dreams and goals. All locations discussed will be supportive for your entire lifetime. She will help you understand what the energies / lines mean, and co-create clear action steps to proceed.

Melisine will share her screen and review your Astrocartography map with you, highlighting beneficial areas and providing insights from her years of study with masters in the field as well as experiential insights from herself and  clients

Melisine will record the session, and you are also welcome to record. If you wish to record, please use a computer (not mobile device). Most clients choose to record and also take notes during the session.

After your consultation, Melisine will send images of your charts and maps that were shown in the session, as well as a transcription (text) of the session.

Clients often find the transcription helpful because it tells you when (exact time) topics were discussed. You can search the transcription to find out times when we talked about specific topics, so then you can look at those times and find the topics more easily in the video.

If your video recording had any issues, Melisine will also send you a backup recording.

Do I need to travel to experience my astrocartography?

Your Astrocartography can come to you without you needing to change location or travel. 

You can meet people in person or virtually who live in areas that are beneficial in your Astrocartography, or who have ancestry from there.

 You can also utilize cultural aspects (food, music, art, movies) from those areas to feel the energy from there.

Do your best places change year to year, or stay the same forever?

The placement of planetary energies (lines on your Astrocartography map)  stay the same on your map just as your natal Astrology chart stays the same. But which planetary energies and transits are activated at different times will change based on what is happening astrologically.

Additionally, if you live in a place far away from your birthplace for a long time, sometimes you can feel planetary energies as if your Astrology chart birthplace was there (often called a "relocated chart"). When you move to a new location, you add the capacity to encounter the world in a different way. 

However, many Astrocartographers believe that you cannot fully escape your original birth ("Natal") chart and Progressions. Many Astrocartographers believe they will stay with you on some level, or even dominate the relocated chart.

How did you get into Astrocartography?

I started my journey with Astrocartography to figure out where would be beneficial for me to live my dream life, plant roots, feel at home and alive, and also where my talents would be most valued so my work would flow more easily.

I have found Astrocartography to be profoundly life changing, and so have my clients.

As a result of my Astrocartography work, I have traveled extensively and have clients worldwide for my Astrocartography, photography, and educational courses.

  • I create partnerships all over the world with leading brands and entrepreneurs.
  • I moved my home base across the world, from New York City to Hawaii. My feeling of home and my business blossomed in a beautiful way.
  • I built an online education company during COVID, selling out over 30 courses, to a global clientele, using Astrocartography to find soulmate, aligned clients. 

As a result of Astrocartography, I moved to a place where I am better able to shine by being my true self.

Because Astrocartography has been so helpful to me,
 I love to do Astrocartography sessions. 

Is this session different from an Astrocartography map I found online?

If you would like more detailed analysis, a session is a fast track to a deeper understanding.

There are more layers and analysis that are possible with advanced astrology software and with an experienced Astrocartography professional, who can do more analysis than simply reading the Astrocartography lines.

Typically, websites will only generate your basic Astrocartography map without additional layers or analysis to create a full, cohesive vision and understanding.

In advanced software programs, there are many lines and intersections, so it is helpful to work with someone who has experience understanding how these lines (energies) combine and how you can navigate to achieve your goals -- and how these connect to your natal and importantly, also relocated charts.

Astrocartography's potential to change your life is much deeper than just a map with lines. You can see a more detailed view of what your life will be like in a place, before you spend money and energy to visit.

Why are your sessions 90 minutes (hour and a half) in length?

My goal is to best equip you with the most powerful Astrocartography analysis and strategy possible.

I found after doing many client sessions and offering some shorter sessions, that clients often get “into” their session (get energized and want to keep going), so usually the sessions that feel like everything has been covered thoroughly end up being 1.5 hour / 90 minutes.

I do a lot of preparation beforehand, so I have found that we usually cover all important analysis and client questions when we do a deep dive in 90 minutes.

What is the history of Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is also called locational astrology, astrolocality, astrological geography, astromapping.

The idea that you can change or improve your life by moving into certain planetary zones is thought to have originated as early as the first century – the idea rulership of zodiac signs for regions.

It has existed in different forms over time, but was developed more in depth as computing technology advanced in the late 1970s and beyond, which enabled us to calculate an accurate vision of planets on the earth.

There are two methods that are often considered the most popular today:
Astrocartography was made popular by Astrologer Jim Lewis in the 1970s.
Local Space method was made popular by Steve Cozzi and astrological software developer Michael Erlewine, and applied principles of Feng Shui to astrology.

Most Astrocartography or Location Astrology professionals will use both of these methods, in addition to other types of lines and advanced calculation methods.

How quickly can I feel new energy if I visit or move to one of my Astrocartography places?

People feel Astrocartography energies in different ways. Some people get an instant rush of energy and can sense a change immediately.

On a deeper level, some Astrocartographers say it can take time for your relocated Astrological chart to get activated as you experience Astrological transits in the new place.

These deeper shifts can also vary based on how far away from your birthplace you move, and how different the lines and relocated charts are from what you have experienced previously in your life. There may be an adjustment period to the new energy and new chart.

Does Astrocartography connect with Human Design?

Human Design is a system that can be helpful in combination with Astrocartography. 

 Astrocartography has information and insights about specific locations in the world that have beneficial energies for you

You can combine those insights with your Human Design to create a plan for big decisions, and how you want to connect, build relationships, and create marketing / outreach initiatives. 

I offer sessions which combine Astrocartography with Human Design for your personal journey, your business and career, and also for your relationships. Please see the session options on my main Astrology page:

Some clients prefer to have a session which combines both systems, and some prefer to begin with Astrocartography by itself.

Many clients do both kinds of sessions, often beginning with an Astrocartography Intensive session.


for Melisine's Astrocartography Sessions

“Absolutely Amazing!”
— Sarah O'Neill

Mel is quite clearly Divinely guided in her ability to read astrocartography maps and help lead others to their authenticity.
Not only does she have a palpable passion for travel and a wide breath of knowledge of geography, itself, but she also has beautiful insights for you as she glides over the map.

From potential cultures that may serve as sources of inspiration, to retreat centers to consider visiting, to which lovers or friends might be the best fit.
I went in wanting to know how to feel my most seen and in flow, and I came out with tangible action steps. So much more than a map of places to seek out or avoid. 

Mel has an uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what each area could offer you in your healing journey - whether its a visit to that place or a piece of the culture to explore. Absolutely beautiful reading. 

Mary Nyiri Interior Designer

I was a total newbie to astrocartography, and honestly a beginner in astrology as well. But I was pulled to this reading because I love to travel and had heard others share about their results.

It was so phenomenal to get an overview of my entire astrocartography chart with Melisine! She explained everything and made it easy to understand. She answered every question I had. 

Now I have new locations to travel to as well as to recruit clients and collaborators from!
Super grateful and look forward to more readings in the future!

Caitlin JarvisHolistic Health Coach

I recently had a reading with Melisine and it was wonderful. 

She gave me so much insight into plans I’m considering
and also my experiences in various places I’ve lived in the past.
I highly recommend her work if you have any curiosity about it!

Bridget RandolphDigital Marketing Manager

Melisine really blew me away during my reading. She explained everything to me with clarity and a dash of humor.

I had looked up my chart before but on my own, I struggled to understand what each line & symbol represented. I was also able to record our session so I can refer back to it whenever I need to.

I’m excited to dive deeper and plan some travel and even more stoked that a lot of those stops are already on my bucket list!

Betsey CassoneEntrepreneur

I learned so much in our time together.

I wish I had this reading in my 20's lol,
looking back to past relationships and work experiences makes more sense now. 
As for my future, its a nice tie back to my personal growth work that
I am upleveling in the best places and people energetically.

Melinda Rushing Entrepreneur

Melisine broke down my Astrocartography. 

It was so insightful and a game changer.
She knows her stuff for sure!

Fidel FordeEntrepreneur

This really worked for me!

Loved it SO much, highly recommend!

Suzanne KingsburyFounder of Gateless Writing, Inc.

Melisine was a delight to work with.
I told her that I was interested in astrocartography because my husband and I are considering moving in the future and not only did she analyze my chart but she went out of her way to pull my husband's chart as well.

I learned so much and also got a few ideas for vacation spots in the future!
I cannot recommend Melisine highly enough!!  

Sammy Patten Rivera Marketing Professional

Melisine was absolutely amazing.
I had no idea how to read my own astrocartography map, and had wanted to find someone who could explain my map/lines in easy, simple terms for a complete beginner. She did exactly that.

Very thorough and precise, Melisine was so enlightening as she provided so much information and recommendations. Thank you!

Sarah O'Neill - Wellness Entrepreneur

I had never heard of an astrocartography reading but after speaking with Melisine I got curious about it and decide to have my chart read. 

I’m so glad I did as Melisine gave me some great deep insights on how to use it to move my business forward and also to explore areas of the world I’d never considered before in order to take advantage of the energy there!

Kimberley Taylor Mindset Expert

I've always wanted to get an astrocartography reading done because I've been fascinated with how astrology can give more insight on what are the most (and least) complementary places to live.

Melisine read my chart and showed me the most favorable places around the world to spend time while helping me avoid the ones that won't support me as much.

It was amazing because it validated how I already felt about these places! As someone who has traveled around the world, this has been invaluable. I highly recommend getting a session from Melisine!"

Christine PerezEntrepreneur

My astrocartography reading with Melisine was just what I was looking for!

She explained how it works, what my chart showed, and how I could consider/apply this information to my life in a really easy, digestible way.

Plus, she set me up for success moving forward by showing me how to continue the work on my own.

Sofia Adler Astrologer

Melisine's astrocartography reading was everything I had hoped for and more! I love to travel and have been considering where I should visit next or possibly even move in the future, so I sought out her services to gain some insight into areas I might want to explore.

She explained what all of the different lines on my map meant and shared her expertise in a way that was easy for me to follow, even as a total beginner. She also took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered and covered information about everything from which parts of the world may be places of transformation to which may offer a sense of feeling valued and seen.

In addition, she offered really insightful, practical tips for how I could start engaging remotely with people in certain parts of the world and make the most of my most beneficial lines, even though I may not be able to visit them in person for a while.

After the reading, I felt like I had a lot of inspiration and focus about where I want to intentionally direct my energy moving forward. Thank you, Melisine!

Caitlin HawekotteLife Coach

Client Policies

Timing, payments, cancellation policy and scheduling.

  • As with everything I offer, your purchase of private session is non-refundable. If you’re wondering whether this is the right for you, please take some time to familiarize yourself with my work before you make the investment. 
  • All sessions take place over Zoom. You have the option to record onto your computer.

Thank you!
I look forward to connecting with you.

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