ASTRO Client Love

Illuminate the inner light in every person

Linda Ugelow
Speaker and TV + Podcast Host

“Melisine has a fantastic approach that excites curiosity and creativity.

Before, I always looked at others who took great selfies and just assumed it was outside of my abilities. I tried and tried.

Right after the workshop I spent a half hour in joyful play with the camera.

Highly recommended.”

Lisa Greaves Taylor
Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Podcast Host

“I took both a shorter DIY Photography & Self Portraits workshop as well as a longer Brand Photography Accelerator course during the pandemic with Melisine.

Such an incredible bright spot!

It was just what I needed to learn some practical, technical strategies for great photos as well as the accountability I needed to actually take a bunch of branding photos and to think about photo shoots as an important component of soulful, meaningful storytelling in order to reach my ideal clients.

The strategic homework she assigned resulted in my having tons of great visual storytelling components/branding photos I am using regularly on my website, social media, ads, emails, etc.

Melisine is a true pro who is passionate about visual storytelling and is a gifted photographer who is a great mentor.

I loved the personal touch she provided in her connection calls — the very specific customized recommendations she made were what helped me to know both that she really cared, that she knows her stuff, and it’s what caused me to come back after the initial workshop to take her accelerator program.

I’m a Melisine fan!”

Miauw Ling Oei

“The course was fun and helpful. Melisine gave me practical suggestions on how to take self portraits that ignited creativity within me.

After taking the course, I became excited to start experimenting with different ways to take photos of myself.

I felt more confident as ideas flowed with ease.

Once I began to utilized tools taught by Melisine, I became more satisfied with the way my photos came out.

I recommend this course to anyone looking to put a fresh and creative spin on their photos.”

Kirsti Gwynn
Psychologist and Educator

“I feel a lot more confident and am really excited to (finally) start being more visible in my brand online! I think it will really help bring a more personal touch to my business.

If you’re lacking confidence taking self-portraits or feeling unsure where to start, Melisine’s courses are perfect for you.

I love how Melisine covers everything from lighting to editing to coming up with creative ideas for self-portraits so you’ll have everything you need, plus a confidence boost!

Highly recommended!”

Lillian Odom
Sales Manager

Melisine’s workshop has sparked such creativity and fire in my work again, I cannot thank her enough.

It was such a blast!

I feel freedom in knowing that creativity looks different on everyone and being open to exploring what that looks like for me. As a new mom, finding intentional time to be able to sit and be creative is almost impossible so it was really freeing and helped me find empowerment in my ability to create photos.

Althea Branton

“Before I signed up for Melisine’s workshop I was freaking out about hiring a photographer and finding time for a photo shoot in my schedule.

In just 2 hours I learned so much about photography and most of all, it gave me the freedom to do something I’ve always wanted to do – learn how to create art in pictures.

I can’t believe that I’ve had the tools to take great photos all this time.

Now I’m taking photos with my iPhone like a pro and loving the results!

This workshop set me free from the belief that only a few can be a photographer – I can now be one too.”

Kim Olund
Community Leader

“It was so fun being a part of Melisine’s workshop!

She creates a warm, judgement-free, comfortable environment for all of her students. In taking her workshop, I learned to give in to “playing” and allowing myself to have childlike creativity.

She also empowers entrepreneurs–especially females–to take pride in creating a flattering self-portrait.

Melisine helps normalize the “selfie”. The goal is not to be conceited or selfish.

Instead, she wants her students to look good and feel good so that they can get back to business and focus on doing the work they love!”

Chelsea Coon
Producer + Consultant

“I felt a total mind shift with Melisine’s help and advice!
Her workshop wasn’t just about learning fun, practical, and creative techniques in becoming a better photographer, but also on learning how to obtain a freer and more confident mindset to get the best shot of others and yourself.

Melisine is a natural at facilitating a safe space to draw inspiration and encourages you to dig deep into your creative side.

I gained so much insight within our first meeting. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of how photography can help you convey a certain message, where there’s always an opportunity to express yourself; whether that’s to share an evocative image, a visual storyline, or help you fully communicate your vision to your intended audience through photography– she’s there for you to go after your goals all the way.

I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to share their story with the world with heart and soul. Melisine will help bring the best out of you!”

Yuri Nakasato

“As a COVID front line doctor, I can relieve pain and help patients. We doctors are concentrated on the left brain— ‘check, check, check. Test one, test two, test three. Next patient, next station.’ My left brain operates in a more engineering, scientific world.

But if doctors only use that part of their brains, they can burn out.

I love Melisine’s classes as a way to strengthen my creative right brain.

The right brain creativity takes me away from stress, cortisol levels, and high adrenaline during the COVID-19 period.

I love using my creativity to express myself and make people happy. To me, making people smile is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Cheryl Rozovsky
Artist, Healer, Intuitive

“This class was so powerful for me!

I am super inspired now to create my website and marketing!

Thank you for creating this sacred space and curating the group to have such beautiful, powerful women.

Writing and sharing our creativity together in this special group really helped.

I am so grateful for how you have guided us.”

Caitlin Hawekotte Heagle
Coach + Podcast Host

“I am feeling so inspired and confident to take my own photos for my website and social media posts.

All of the tips Melisine shared about photography, lighting, and composition were so helpful!

Before the workshop, I was hesitant and felt like I didn’t know enough about cameras, equipment, and editing to be able to get great images for my professional materials.

Now I feel equipped with the knowledge I need to get started.
I also feel empowered to express my creativity and make my ideas come to life through photography.

I can’t thank Melisine enough for helping me give myself permission to enjoy the fun process of taking photos!”

Cheryl Cross
Veterinarian + Education Entrepreneur

“You could be earning revenue now.

You don’t have to have a perfect completed class or project in order for people to buy it. You don’t have to wait until all of this is perfectly in place.
It just has to do the thing it needs to do for the people who need it.

I wasn’t able to think about it that way before working with Melisine.

It seemed almost more like if I’m going to charge money for it, it has to be so perfect, but now I know that is not true.

Having those first five students and having that revenue, I had more time to dedicate to building it. I have a lot of the stresses reduced now.

I love medicine. I love seeing patients, but I have never made $13,000 in eight hours. There’s no way I would make that seeing patients in a week. It seemed impossible. Now it seems possible and sustainable. I get it now.

Now I’m realizing that everything I’m creating, all that I’m doing and teaching, these are knowledge assets that I can leverage to make me money in my business.”

Lisa Foltz-Lopez
Real Estate Expert and Investor

“Wow… I can only say, for a short 5 session course, I really picked up a lot of knowledge and feel like I grew.

Melisine brings it out of you!

I would highly recommend taking her class or any classes she has. Thanks Melisine!”

Rachel Cora Wood
Actor + Filmmaker

“This class is fabulous.

Thanks to Melisine, I can quickly capture my own pictures for my site and social media.

No more thinking I always have to hire a fancy photography every time I need to update my photos.

I’m thankful to have all her insights in my entrepreneur toolbelt for life!”

Amelia Jordan Lee

Melisine is an amazing guide, super knowledgeable and a true inspiration!

This is a fantastic workshop – you will be supercharged to create your own standout photos with confidence and ease!

Sarah O’Neill
Wellness Entrepreneur

“Melisine’s program provided the tools to take action and empower myself to be in the driver’s seat of my work.

The writing and photo exercises felt very inspiring!

I’m really grateful for the feeling of the group because it had a really comforting and good vibe.

We all had the same goal to connect with our creativity in the form of writing and photos.

There’s been so many changes going on in the world that it was really just like a really nice safe space.”

Kim Johnson Griffin

“Melisine really illuminates the essence of a person.

Her creative brilliance is always in motion.

Her work is fresh, innovative and ever-evolving.

I keep hearing her healing, joyful laugh and smiling!”

Ivonne Senn

“Melisine’s class helped me get over my selfie-phobia.

I didn’t really know how to pose, to smile, to look … But as soon as Melisine told me that I could move just naturally, within seconds I felt so safe and relaxed, that I totally forgot about the camera and actually had … fun!

I thought there might be three or four pictures I would like and could use for professional purposes, but oh, was I wrong.
Within 10 minutes we managed to take 200 pictures of me that I liked. That is more than all the photos I like of me of my whole life combined.

This experience wasn’t just a photo shoot. It was a transformation, as it helped me to see my inner and outer beauty, to feel wonderful within my body and with my face.

It gave me a lot of confidence, that still hasn’t left me weeks later.”

Linda Lindquist
Lead Concierge at Luxury Resorts

Mel’s photography class was so fun and informative!!

She was delightful to work with and I learned so many new ways to capture better photos.

Great class!!

Lauren Marchand
Farm Owner

“Melisine was wonderful to work with!

She is talented and carries an uplifting energy to the photoshoot.

I highly recommend a session with her to capture the essence of your business or creative projects!”

Elodie Lansun
Business Director & Mentor

“I really enjoyed working with Mel. 
Mel understood very quickly what I wanted and even suggested some really creative and good inspiration ideas for me. She could feel what I wanted and adapted really fast to my ideas.

Mel is very friendly and empathic. It is a real pleasure to work with her.

The results are just magnificent. She is talented and gifted, she sublimes the subject, she can put magic and transcendence in a regular picture. 

I highly recommend you to work with Mel.”

Deborah Cort
Spiritual Mentor
Perry Bateman
Executive Chef

“Mel’s photography captures the true essence of the moment and is a reflection of her aloha spirit.

Mel has a natural gift to highlight the world through the lens of her camera.”

Joshua Broady
Real Estate Agent

Melisine’s photography class was a breath of fresh air.

It was entertaining and creative; Melisine made us feel very comfortable and excited about learning.

I highly recommend her class! Now anytime someone compliments my photos I say “I took a class.”

Just do it, you won’t regret it!

Jill Harris

Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gift and making me shine. These photos make me feel so good about myself.

Calista and Oliver Chimes

Melisine’s photography class was fun!

We learned how to see good lighting and take better photos.

We got to use a cool remote clicker to take pictures without touching the phone!

We got to run around and take photos. Melisine is very nice and happy.

Alana Chimes

Melisine’s photography class is so informative and fun for the entire family!  

My family learned about lighting, backgrounds, capturing movement, and how to use accessories like remotes and tripods.  

Melisine is engaging, fun, and great with kids.  

The class was tailored to my family’s interests and our ages.  Although I already take a lot of photos for fun and feel familiar with taking photos on my phone, I still learned a lot, as did my children who do not know much about photography.  

We have all been putting Melisine’s tips into practice and are seeing better photos already.  Plus, we were able to take a lot of fun family photos at the class!  Highly recommend!

Suzie Gruber
NARM Master Practitioner

“Melisine is simply a phenomenal photographer.

She takes the time to learn about her clients, who they are, and how they want to use the photos.

Melisine puts her heart and soul into her work to truly capture the powerful essence of her clients.”

Simah Zohdi

Mel really worked to listen to my concerns that I have with modeling/photography and explained how much work actually goes into all those perfect shots that we see. I really liked her passionate and intuitive approach, rather than something overly technically focused!

Mel had me do exercises that were focused on lighting/scouting different locations. We went over setting up the tripod (something I had avoided for a long time, because I thought it might be too complicated) and other gadgets/necessities to bring to a photoshoot.

She also offered a lot of validation about having the confidence to take photos in public, and dealing with feeling awkward about someone seeing you. Thank you Mel!

Billie Streets
Senior Vice President, Madison Square Garden

“Working with Melisine has been amazing.

She brings light and witness to the nudges in your spirit and she brings awareness to things you didn’t know you needed to know.

She’s kind and caring and has given over and above each time I’ve worked with her.

So glad to have connected with her and really looking forward to working with her again in the future.”

Jessie Zapo
Adidas Global Ambassador and Adidas NYC Coach Known as The "First Lady" of Running

“I love Mel’s work and I love Mel!

Mel and I worked closely to shoot editorial work for Adidas Women, Samsung, and VICE over two years.

I am so pleased to recommend Mel, an incredible photographer with a unique eye.

Women in our collective trusted to her to portray them in the highest manner of respect.

Because of this trust, women were able to be truly vulnerable around her, making the process feel authentic.”

Becky Karush
Founder of Read to Me Literary Arts + Podcast Host

“I loved my session with Melisine.

The reading was resonant and exciting,
opening up new ways for my business to grow,
and new ways to work with people in different places,
all of them feeling aligned with who I am and what I do.

Honestly, it feels like Melisine knows me
better than my mom after this!”

Heather Hanson
Life Coach

I feel excited about new approaches for my business and marketing.

I loved the action steps Melisine gave!

It’s nice to get perspective from Melisine who can see different energies and how they show up, and what works best for different people, depending on their Astrology and Human Design.

Bridget Randolph
Digital Marketing Manager

I recently had a reading with Melisine and it was wonderful.
She gave me so much insight into plans I’m considering
and also my experiences in various places I’ve lived in the past.
I highly recommend her work if you have any curiosity about it!

Stephanie Greene

“Melisine is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered!

Melisine is a supremely gifted teacher.

She revolutionized my online presentation skills, taking
me from awkward and self-conscious to confident and playful

She made such a wonderful space for us to grow. I lost my fear of photos and self portraits!

She not only is great at helping people envision their best selves, but her methodical, step-by-step practicality enables students to realize their visions.

She is tactful, fun, encouraging, and inspiring.

Five stars!!”

Lucia Kloster

I would say that you will get insight and skill that goes far beyond what you might expect. Melisine takes us deep into the meaning of the images we choose, and at the same time she provides techniques and tools!

I feel more confident taking selfies to support my business. I have a solid grounding as I create my own visual story to promote my work.

It is a terrific experience!

Mary-Grace Busti

“Before this course I was capturing pictures to capstone a message, now I have unleashed the creativity to capture pictures that embody the message.

This difference is felt in the invitation and amplified in the response!”

Jaclyn Lenee Junger
Web Designer

Melisine’s work is like an XL energy shot for your business. Our work together was the loving slap-in-the-face I needed to take action. Since we met, I published a new website, launched a pilot program, and zeroed in on my dream clients and how to better serve them.

When I met Melisine I was stuck in a rut of perfectionism. After an hour chat with her I felt a rush of energy – within a week I was able to hit publish on my website and launched my first pilot program. She connected me with four DREAM clients who gave me super valuable feedback on my offering and the experience I needed to sell. I now have four amazing case studies and testimonials for my website with many more projects in the pipeline!

Taking Mel’s 3-week Marketing Lab was a turbo boost for helping me reach more of my dream clients. What I loved most was the interactive brainstorming exercises. This is so not like those boring webinars with a sales pitch at the end (you know the ones). On the contrary, Mel injects humor and vibrant energy to make every session engaging and fun! By the end of the three hours, I had twelve pages filled with ideas for offerings, how to reach more of my dream clients and things to test to make that sweet $$$

Best of all, Melisine doesn’t dictate the answers or offer cookie-cutter solutions. She will show you how to find all the brilliant ideas within you. ✨

Aiden Moore
Life Coach

“Melisine genuinely cares about her clients and students.

The classes are an incredible catalyst for initiating movement in these directions for people who otherwise might feel stuck or ‘uninvited.’

It was very cool to see how Melisine’s knowledge, supportive and energetic approach pulled things out of people (myself included).

It really felt like a wonderful invitation for people to open the door to creativity and empowerment and self!

It was awesome!”

Danielle Napolio Cox
Business Coach

“Mel has a gift for expanding the creativity of her clients. She creates a safe space for creative exploration that engages both hemispheres of the brain. After working with her, I feel inspired to embrace being more expressive in my writing. Where I once felt restricted, I now feel liberated.”

Suzanne Kingsbury
Writing Coach + Founder of Gateless Writing, Inc.

One imperative skill many of us night need right now is:
How to show up online in a compelling, deeply beautiful way!
Melisine is offering something to help us right now, it’s called Visual Storytelling.
From the small (great selfies, lighting and click-worthy insta galleries) to the large: becoming a go-to inspirational force in our online communities.
You will receive top visual branding expertise (Melisine has worked for the top brands in the world: Adidas, The Four Seasons, Wanderlust and more) for a fraction of the cost.

Melisine’s greatest gift is her ability to let her lens be intimate with the essence of who you are.
She focuses on a different beauty than you are used to, finding your inner power and ethereal light in an extraordinary process of listening and reflection.

She brings out the beauty and light in every single situation! And every person!

I recommend this class to anyone who is afraid to show up online, or who wants to love it or who wants to take photos but “doesn’t know how” or who wants to find a creative release and have a blast!

I LOVED it!! I learned so much, and it brought out this creative urge and this beautiful feeling that I could do absolutely ANYTHING with the camera.

I cannot recommend it enough. We played with the camera, with who we were and how we wanted to show up, we bonded and found the “play” and the art of photography and our personal story.”

Jennifer Kish
Empowerment Coach

“If you want to open yourself up and feel more alive and confident in the story you want to tell, take the class. The biggest impact is the relationship you build with yourself.

I have grown in so many ways.

My biggest breakthrough has been learning how to take photos with confidence and show up for myself even if its scary.

Mel said in the program that action trumps fear and that has stuck with me throughout the course.

Through Melisine writing & visual prompts, I was able to deeply connect with myself to create meaningful imagery and content for my website in just 3 weeks!

I feel like before I lost my creative side to myself and I feel like this has opened me up and expanded me. Now I realize that I never lost myself, she just wanted to create in a new way, and this class has really shown me how powerful my new self can be in this element.

After the course, I feel excited, inspired, and held to find magical moments with my camera everywhere. Mel is a rare leader and gives you the tools you need to thrive in the business and photography world!”

Hannah Shoshan

“I’m feeling so inspired to do photography now and I’ve never felt like that before. I now have the inner tools and photography techniques to act on my visions.”

Amy Lynch
Keynote Speaker + Author

“Melisine helped us SEE ourselves and our work.

Before the class, I was very dissatisfied with my own image. I had trouble connecting images of me to the creative and invigorating work I do. Melisine showed me how to bridge that gap!

Melisine does a terrific job of creating community. I felt supported and I felt that I was able to comment usefully for other people because Melisine had given us language and tools for encouragement.”

Elisha Starr
Therapist and Master Healer

“Working with Melisine is an absolute gift from the Universe, she has the ability to shine her light into your world and help you capture your magic with photography, writing, and business strategy.

Melisine’s playful, while also serious approach invites one into a safe space to explore deep creative self-expression.

I highly recommend working with her regardless of your comfort level behind or in front of a camera.”

Elise Lorimer
Creative Consultant

“I FINALLY did what I wanted to do forever.

Melisine is an awesome cheerleader who helps you realize you CAN take a step, or twenty, one after the other, towards your vision – be it to take incredible self-portraits or craft your biz or write from your heart. What a gift.

Perfect for anyone looking to jump into their lives.

I love her relaxed philosophy of “Just try it and see what happens!” The act of creating photos and taking action in your business in this playful, easy way frees up frozen bits and blockages in the body so flow starts happening again.

As soon as I felt I had an image that made sense, I was like: I can go!
I finally had images I felt I could stand behind and be proud to share. Melisine is so comfortable with self portraiture and her ease helped me feel less freaked out about it.

Photography with Melisine helps you get in motion, in flow.
It’s not about what you create but that you DO create.
That’s where the beauty and freedom comes from.”

Karen Kenney
Inspirational Speaker and Writer

“Melisine Alegre’s class was a fantastic romp of Gateless writing, personal creativity, and exploring the power & impact of photography.

If it calls to your heart – or piques your wonder and curiosity – leap and say YES!”

Heather Bartos
Doctor and Writer

“Do it! It’s like therapy but cheaper and more fun ;)”

Heather Ross

“I feel a big energy shift!!

Melisine has been a major part of that shift. She always shows up in my life with magic nuggets of wisdom and new pieces of the puzzle for me.

Her mentorship has really helped me step into a whole new level with my messaging and photography.

Recently I was struggling to reconnect to my business. I was no longer motivated or excited and my online presence aligned with who I was 2 years ago, not who I am today.

That ‘s when I took her DIY photography and writing workshop. That workshop was the beginning of me aligning my business with my heart, updating my online presence to reflect who I am today, and owning what I had to offer my clients.

It was a massive energy shift that reignited my passion for my business. I was creating from excitement again and couldn’t wait to try all the strategies I learned in her class.

I was very resistant to the self-portraits, but they paid off immediately when I finally did them. My first post with one of my new self-portraits reached over 1,100 people organically within 24 hours. I was hooked!

The process of working through my resistance to the self-portraits was empowering. My pictures were old and I didn’t have very many because I couldn’t find an affordable photographer near me that I liked. I was also uncomfortable in front of the camera. Going through the journey of creating my own photos changed how I saw myself and how I portrayed myself to my audience. Suddenly I was able to show them who I am today versus who I was 2 years ago and they responded to that.
Being able to take your own photos is much more empowering than I realized!

The last thing I want to add is how much I got out of one 45 minute coaching call with Melisine. She helped me with my sales page for a new program. As she described her thought process to me and suggested changes to me I stepped into a new level with my messaging. I realized my selling was very passive and vague. I used what I learned in that call to update my website, make social media posts, and write my blog. Now my copy conveys the confidence I have in my ability to help my clients.”

Kelly Lewis
Founder of Women's Travel Fest Conference

“I would highly recommend working with Melisine to capture beautiful, creative photos for your next project or idea. She has a way of making women feel relaxed and confident in photos, with a friendly energy.

Melisine has helped us capture and showcase the tone of our annual conference beautifully. We have used the photos we created together in our paid ads and on our website, and I have no doubt that they are a massive contributor as to why we’ve sold out our show for several years. Working with Melissa is a dream — she’s reliable, heart-centered and a real talent.”

Cassandra Bianco
Corporate Wellness Advisor

“This course is amazing!

I feel so empowered now to build a new website and start getting into self-portraiture for it, something I had zero motivation for prior.

Mel also completely demystifies the difference between self-love and narcissistic selfie-dom.

Thank you Melisine for creating this offering. You’re an incredible educator, and empowerment coach too :)”

Leah Guzman
Artist + Art Therapist

“Instead of hiring a pricey photographer and copywriter you can use your own creative genius to create photos and writing that represent your brand.

The message of your brand is through your voice (writing) and imagery. This course incorporates both aspects in order to amplify your business!”

Kimberley Taylor
NLP + Mindset Coach

“Melisine made creating my own photos for social media fun!

In the past I’ve wasted hours and hours scrolling Google to help me to take better pictures but her simple techniques combined with diving deep into me and brand made feel confident to play with my camera and as a result I’ve already captured some amazing photos that have helped me attract new leads to my business…

It’s a skill I’m so happy to now have in my tool kit and I recommend you adding it to yours too.

I loved the intensive class.

It really helped me to make friends with my creativity and start having fun with writing and photography!”

Caroline Webster

“If you’re waiting for the perfect day, the idyllic moment, a new outfit, a different hairstyle, or maybe even a shift in body size, to work with Melisine, don’t wait!

You can create your dream photos right here, right now.

Melisine’s mind and heart is invested in celebrating every individual and discerning how to illuminate each person’s inner brilliance.

All you have to do is show up and be open to her creative magic.”

Claudia Wuttke
HarperCollins Publishing Director

“Working with Melisine was the best and most amazing process I went through when it comes to photos.

Mel made me feel super comfortable and secure – I was dancing, jumping, walking without any shyness.

It was really fun – and when I then saw the pictures, me without any big make-up, I nearly had to cry: they looked so pure and of an inner power that I did not see in myself even without a camera.

I am very, very grateful that Mel had the patience and the clarity to do this with me.

Thanks, Mel – you are the best!”

Courtney Rolls Cook
Director of Coach Certification and Alumni, The Life Coach School

“Melisine made the whole process so simple.

She really held my hand and helped every step of the way – from the style and content of the photos to scouting locations, selecting outfits, and even posing.

Her guidance and expertise were so valuable.

And the results speak for themselves!

I couldn’t be happier!”

Christie Chisholm

“Melisine has this magical way of putting you at ease and energizing you in one seamless swoop.

I’m usually shy in front of the camera (reinforced by 15 years as a journalist—always gazing in, not out), but Melisine made me feel like I could breathe, and breathe beautifully.

She helped guide me when I wasn’t sure what to do with my hands, or myself; cheered me on when I was nailing it; and pretty much made me feel like I could do anything.

Since updating my website and photos, my business has really taken off, generating more than $70k in the past few months (at least twice as much as I was bringing in before). I have no doubt Melisine played a significant role in that seismic shift.”

Rebecca Baldwin
Founder and CEO of The Spiritual Compass

I completed two different courses with Melisine, both of which were deeply joyful and transformational experiences.

Through the various prompts and meditations, I felt empowered to use my voice as a writer and to trust my creativity.

Melisine’s gentle and etheric energy infuses each class with a kind of magical permission to be authentic and to take courageous and life enhancing risks.

She has created a unique, supportive, safe and inspirational community of truly phenomenal women which I absolutely loved being a part of.

I will definitely continue to work with her and benefit from her many teaching techniques and creative talents.”

Jodi Paloni

“So awesome!

Bright and confident and encouraging.

I ❤️ this group so much.

Super fun and freeing. A real pleasure.

This class has totally given me permission to get as silly or serious or sentimental about my selfies, landscapes, and still life shots as I want.

That’s the power in this class for me. ”

Erin Lancione

“I used to hate having my picture taken. I always felt uncomfortable and awkward in front of the camera and I rarely ever liked the photos that other people took of me—they never felt like me.

That all changed when I worked with Melisine. She taught me how to think of photos in terms of the stories I want to tell. And she showed me that with a little preparation and imagination, taking self-portraits can be a fun and joyful process.

Melisine went above and beyond to support me between lessons, walking me through how to edit my images, suggesting different types of shots I could take that would speak to the types of clients I want to attract, and helping me plan outfits and poses.

For the first time in my life, I feel good about seeing myself in photos. I love knowing that I can create my own branding photos whenever I feel like it!”

Lauren McGurrin

“I had a unique idea for an educational business course, but I had no idea where to start.

Thankfully, Melisine helped me identify actionable steps that have allowed my skill sets to flourish.

In one month, I went from no online presence, no concrete course materials, and no experience teaching via Zoom to working with paying clients on two separate workshops.

I’m thrilled at the gentle yet consistent encouragement that Melisine provided me, pushing me to try new marketing techniques while honoring my personal voice.

I’m thrilled to have made so much progress on my dream, and I feel like the possibilities for my business are limitless. Thanks, Melisine!”

Faith Briggs

“Working with Melisine is such an incredible experience, she does an amazing job creating community, making you feel comfortable and creating the right environment.

She has a great eye and is able to assure personalities come through in the work!”

Kara Gallagher

“It really was a WONDERFUL course! A beautiful cocoon of sparkly creativity. I loved it! Say yes!”

Sarah Montana

“Melisine helped me get out of my own way.

I was feeling squeamish about how I’d look on camera. I wasn’t feeling pretty or put together. It’s been a long time since the days where I felt head shot ready.

She’s so good at what she does, I stopped worrying about it and just let myself play.

She taught me that waiting to be ready might mean missing an awful lot of fun.

She’s always looking for what has power, what has magic, and letting the rest fall away.”

Kristen Boyer
Wellness Entrepreneur

“I can FINALLY feel good about the image I put forward to represent my business!”

Ange Arbuckle
Transformational Coach + Retreat Leader

“My advice to anyone considering taking their dream to the next level is to work with Melisine to capture the heart and soul of you and your business — she will not disappoint!!

Melisine is a world class photographer who changed my business and my life!

Melisine did more than help me create photographs and a visual story for my business that far exceeds my expectations.

She helped me SEE the value of my service and the magical sanctuary I have created for myself and for others to heal & grow!

Her ability to understand exactly what my clientele needs to see and feel is impeccable.

Working with Melisine has taken my business to the next level of professionalism and value. I have so much respect and appreciation for Melisine and her commitment to creating visual art that literally speaks for itself.

Melisine, you are a true gem and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I felt like you were seriously an angel that was sent to me.”

Iulia Mihai
Therapist + Coach

“I had so much fun attending this beautiful creative workshop.

Mel is a talented artist who helps you get to the essence of who you are.

I promise you that a workshop with Mel will get your creative juices flowing and leave you inspired to express yourself more authentically through writing and photography.

Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to create a memorable brand online!

I loved it!”

Catherine Hormats
Executive Coach

“Melisine is both a gifted photographer and phenomenal teacher.

Working with Melisine has been a very freeing experience. She helped me move from image to experience; headline to narrative.

She brings visual storytelling into the understanding of my story and myself.

She has encouraged me to dig deeper into the meaning and perceptions I make of photos and has given me possibility for a new, alternative narrative to the stories I tell myself otherwise. In this way, the journey of working with Melisine has been liberating. I’ve found a wonderfully refreshing freedom in awareness and expression that gives rise to sharing and expanding my creative capacity. This has in turn helped me connect more meaningfully with others.

Also, working with Melisine has been a very safe and grounding experience. She does this by offering the many tools in her background, including her expertise as a professional photographer who has trained with some of the world’s most respected masters of the craft.

You’d never know she works with some of the biggest brands in the world, like the Four Seasons, Adidas, and Samsung because she presents herself in a humble and kind manner that is focused on you the student.

But make no mistake, she is a master of her craft, which is why these brands trust her to present their image to the world.

I have trusted her to help me tell old stories in new ways—through my writing and through the visual art of photography. Indeed, I see many things through a new lens after working with Melisine.”

Elaine Fletcher Chapman
Professor + Writer

“I developed confidence and skills to capture the spirit and essence of who I am, and what I have to offer. It is truly a journey of self-discovery!

I am 70 and I built my first website and took every photo on it. I loved every minute of it.”

Aarti Awatramani
Intuitive Health Coach + Shaman

“It’s a total mindset shift.

I had this “aha” moment when I realized I was approaching writing and photography before through the lens of criticism and that doing that made me feel blocked and stressed.

In this class, it’s about my authentic expression. As long as it’s authentic, even if it’s not perfect, it makes it easier for me to be okay with it and to put my work out in the world.

It has been mind-opening for me to be able to see something of value in everything I create, looking from the lens of positivity: ‘What do I like? What am I enjoying?’

The positive lens made it easier to keep creating and opened up my creative floodgates.”