Como Shambhala Retreat Spa

COMO Maalifushi has beautiful overwater villas not only as guest rooms but also for spa treatments. It feels transporting to walk on a boardwalk over the aqua water to your spa treatment. The rooms are completely private so you can choose to have your treatment outdoors, on a patio over the water, or indoors in a spacious room with high ceilings.

COMO resorts have perfected their COMO Shambhala Retreats at their locations all over the world. The COMO Shambhala experience combines Asian-based therapies, aromatherapy, nutrition, exercise and yoga with a results-driven agenda managed by experts in holistic health.

I was treated to their COMO Shambhala Scrub and Bath, and then the classic COMO Shambhala massage. Both use their own essential oil blends which smell wonderful. The COMO Shambhala body scrub infused with shea butter, essential oils, almond, coconut, macadamia nut oils is applied to the body in a massaging manner. Afterwards there is a calming bath and a relaxing COMO Shambhala Massage.

I went straight from snorkeling to the COMO Shambhala retreat. The resort gives guests these beautiful straw handbags.

The lounge area has beautiful natural light, homemade ginger tea, and homemade energy cookies.

The beautiful path to the treatment rooms.

I love walking on the boardwalks to the overwater treatment rooms.

We did the scrub portion of the treatment on the beautiful over water patio at sunset.

Then I took a relaxing bath to rinse off the scrub.

Then we did the COMO Shambhala massage.

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