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What if creativity and fun
were the keys to unlocking
your dream work and life

Meet MeLisine

I’m Melisine, a photographer and storytelling strategist for some of the world’s most coveted brands.

I'm here to help you build your dreams and create life-changing wins.

My classes help you tap into your creativity and self expression.

All students share one thing in common:
they are committed to a bold vision.

They want to transform lives and communities
— and feel creatively energized in the process.

Why creativity is key

The science on how creativity impacts the brain and body

  • Creative projects can decrease stress hormones that, over time, build up in the brain and kill neurons. (SOURCE)
  • Entering a flow state—one in which we feel and perform at our best with ease—correlates with the release of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. (SOURCE)
  • Creative improvisation makes you less self-conscious: activity in the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with self-monitoring, decreases while improvising in the creative process. (SOURCE)


Create your own

 brand photos 
inspiring media campaigns
website and social media 

Creative Lab

Create Your Vision!

An intimate mastermind intensive with private coaching to help you create photos and writing that make an impact.

Through guided writing, photography, self portraits, and visual storytelling, you will learn to think strategically like a creative director at an innovative ad agency.


Ignite your creativity!

An intimate workshop to help you master creative and strategic elements needed to take beautiful, pro-level photos using your phone!

Learn everything to get started creating photos that tap into your unique creative voice. Learn to think strategically like a creative director at an ad agency.

Client Love

$44K booked!

Take your dream to the next level! Allow Melisine to capture the heart and soul of you and your work -- life changing!

- Ange Arbuckle, Retreat in Hawaii

Love my website!

At age 70, I built my first website with all of my own photos, copywriting, and design. I loved every minute! 

- Elaine Chapman, Therapist

Engaging and fun!

Great for all ages! Highly recommend! We have been practicing Melisine’s tips and are seeing better photos already!

- Alana Chimes, Lawyer

What can you create?

Attract dream clients!

I learned playful photos can create serious business! I attracted new dream clients by posting fun photos of me and impromptu dance parties with my kids!

- Erin Lancione, Copywriter

Created Videos, Got on TV!

As a COVID front line doctor, I started my own YouTube channel to sing uplifting, hopeful songs and was featured on TV as “The Singing Doctor.”

- Yuri Nakasato, Doctor

Connected with Community!

I created a nationwide video interview series to share how people are finding gratitude and possibility in the midst of COVID.

- Catherine Hormats, Psychologist